Did we confuse this young generation?

Our world is experiencing many changes driven by human activities, natural factors, geopolitical dynamics as well as social factors.
By Tapiwa Gomo Jul. 15, 2024

Fans react to Master H aborted trip fiasco

Master H extended his heartfelt apologies to his fans who were eagerly looking forward to his performance.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 26, 2024

The Gen Z c-suite movement driving company growth

Here's what companies with Gen Z executive hiring practices stand to gain:

Divine Insights: How to deal with generational curses

Renewing the mind is like reconditioning oneself to live the life they've been called to live in Christ Jesus.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Apr. 7, 2024

Push for women emancipation gathers steam in Zimbabwe

The event was supported by the Women Affairs Community Small to Medium Enterprises Development ministry as well as the chairperson for Zaka Rural District Council, among other stakeholders.
By Takemore Mazuruse Mar. 31, 2024

Teen author addresses boy child vulnerabilities through pen

The 19-year-old Shurugwi-based author told NewsDay Life & Style that after successfully publishing his debut, many are to come.
By Pride Mzarabani Feb. 6, 2024

About Gaza: Speak now or forever be silent!

Remember that the western narrative argued that their hegemony was based on a superior moral order. Generation X has exposed that lie.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 14, 2024

Bindura woman dedicates life to fighting Aids

She is now working on the new Aids Free Generation programme as she continues to mobilise people while tirelessly contributing to the country’s HIV and Aids gains.
By Vanessa Gonye Jan. 9, 2024

The generation that squanders

Many successful black entrepreneurs, of pre-independence Zimbabwe, had their businesses post-independence collapse.
By Gloria Mukombachoto Dec. 21, 2023