Govt sets terms for NGOs


GOVERNMENT says non-governmental organisations (NGOs) may only be allowed to operate in the country if they are willing to complement its development policies. 

Addressing journalists on the sidelines of the United Nations Development Programme — Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (UNDP-ZRBF) End of Programme learning event, Lands and Agriculture deputy minister Vangelis Haritatos said government expected NGOs to act as partners.

"We are willing to partner with anyone (who) understands that as Zimbabweans we have the answers to our problems. We don't want someone coming and imposing something on us when we already know what is required,” Haritatos said.

Haritatos applauded the UNDP- ZRBF for its efforts to align its development agenda with government policies.

“Projects such as those implemented by the ZRBF have been successful in that it was a government designed programme with a great amount of support from donor partners and that’s why we call them partners rather than funders because they partner with government to achieve certain requirements we need and understand.

“What we are saying to development partners is that if you want to partner with us, partner with the documents we have. Do not reinvent the wheel; don't compete with the government, just complement government efforts. That’s the open discussion we have been having.”

The UNDP-ZRBF has in the past supported national surveys such as the Crop and Livestock Assessment and Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee 2022 Rural Livelihoods Assessment Report.

Government has been tightening screws on NGOs and is also pushing for the enactment of the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill to regulate their operations.

Last week, Zanu-PF party spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa said some NGOs had nothing to offer towards Zimbabwe’s development agenda.

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