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Navigating Zim’s new monetary frontier: A profound analysis and real estate implications

However, the viability of ZiG hinges crucially on its embracement by both populace and enterprises.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Apr. 7, 2024

Exploring the vast terrain: Real estate investment in the African landscape

Enhancing transparency and fortifying data aggregation mechanisms assumes paramount importance in buttressing investor confidence and catalysing capital inflows into the real estate ambit.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Apr. 14, 2024

Empowering Zimbabwe’s real estate with a green housing fund

Zimbabwe, like many emerging economies, faces multifaceted challenges in its housing sector.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Apr. 21, 2024

Maximising returns: The paramount role of real estate expertise in asset management

Take, for instance, the illustrious case of China, where asset management juggernauts have embraced real estate investment as the fulcrum of their investment strategies.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Apr. 28, 2024

Zimbabwe’s capital markets: A comprehensive analysis of recent transformations and their implications

At the epicentre of Zimbabwe’s financial ecosystem stands the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), serving as the fulcrum around which capital market dynamics revolve.
By Bekithemba Mpofu May. 5, 2024

A comprehensive analysis of facilities management in Zimbabwe

The transition towards a fully delegated FM model necessitates a systematic orchestration of strategic imperatives, encapsulating the following key steps:
By Bekithemba Mpofu May. 12, 2024

Unlocking growth: The journey of real estate investment trusts in Zimbabwe

With Zimbabwe’s real estate sector poised for growth, REITs present compelling avenues for investors to capitalize on this potential while enjoying attractive returns and income streams.
By Bekithemba Mpofu May. 19, 2024

Evolving REIT governance: Charting the optimal path for Zim’s development REITs

Moreover, the presence of a board of directors significantly elevates the calibre of strategic guidance available to the REIT.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Jun. 9, 2024

The evolving landscape of international valuation standards: A focus on 2025 general standards

This reorganization signifies a move towards a principles-based approach, emphasizing ethical conduct, professional competency, and scepticism.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Jun. 16, 2024

Tackling Zim’s property price surge: Lessons from global and African Markets

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) constructs and sells affordable housing, ensuring widespread homeownership.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Jun. 23, 2024

Reimagining Harare’s CBD: Global insights for urban renewal

The city adopted a mixed-use development approach, particularly evident in the transformation of old textile mills in Lower Parel.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Jun. 30, 2024