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Emotional intelligence imperative in supply chain management (II)

People with emotional intelligence collaborate easily because they recognise that the strength of individual differences is critical to making a whole.
By Charles Nyika Mar. 28, 2024

Cost to serve analysis: The holy grail of profitability (I)

The model allows supply chain professionals to assess which customers and product lines are in the green and those in the red.
By Charles Nyika Apr. 5, 2024

Profitability starts with sustainable supply chain (I)

Some companies are therefore moving towards a circular economy featuring zero waste as all resources used in products are recycled or reused.
By Charles Nyika Apr. 19, 2024

Unpacking hidden value of talent management in supply chain (II)

Supply chain professionals should constantly remind each other that the so-called best efforts today may not be good enough for the unknown tomorrow.
By Charles Nyika May. 10, 2024

Contract management as a critical success factor in supply chains (I)

Fast forward to this day, the world is a different place altogether. The need for a contract management system is now at a tipping point than ever before.
By Charles Nyika May. 17, 2024