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Fail your way to success

Chibale is a professor of organic chemistry and founder of the pioneering Holistic Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D) at the University of Cape Town.
By Daily Maverick Jul. 14, 2023

‘We are tired’ – Zimbabweans headed home to vote pin their hopes on change to end their ‘suffering’

“I am not in South Africa by choice, but by poverty. Maybe if I vote this time  around things will change for real. And if they do, I will happily go back home.”   
By Daily Maverick Aug. 22, 2023

Gold Leaf Tobacco: SARS claims billions from Sasfin in Rudland money laundering debacle

This happened amid repeated warnings over the lapse of risk and control measures at the bank’s foreign exchange division.
By Daily Maverick Feb. 28, 2024