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Shumba bounces back with new book

The book, whose first draft was done over 10 years ago, is a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and knowledge on business leadership.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Oct. 26, 2022

Author curates laughter for new book

Matsika told NewsDay Life & Style that the title of the book was deliberately meant to induce laughter over the absurdity of humanity.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Dec. 21, 2022

Chiwara releases booklet on inspirational quotes

The quotes, Chiwara said, came out of her observations in life and personal experiences over a long time.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Mar. 9, 2023

Zim crisis inspires author

The recently published novel, When the Evil Reign, is an indictment on Africa’s failed political systems.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Apr. 14, 2023

Life coach pens leadership book

Tigere said her coaching experience inspired her to pen the book.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Jul. 5, 2023

Mutumbu unveils book on marriage, relationships

Mutumbu, whose book is available in hard copy and on Amazon online platform, told NewsDay Life & Style that he drew his greatest inspiration from the word of God.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Jul. 19, 2023

Masvingo author chronicles the dark period of HIV

His debut novel, Colours of Our Time was published in 2018 by Drilliat Publishers, but did not make a great impact.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Nov. 1, 2023

Chirata-Mukondiwa’s new book takes on corruption

Chirata-Mukondiwa told NewsDay Life & Style that corruption and its repercussions will be experienced by future generations.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Nov. 7, 2023

Sermon on giving inspires Dondo’s novel

Dondo said his goal was to demonstrate that while the subject of giving has been abused, that did not take away the relevance of the principle.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Dec. 7, 2023

Chiwara authors for inspirational life insights

Chiwara is a professional pharmacist and author, having previously published the novel, Reflections of the Heart: A Story of Hope (2013) and Poems of Hope: Volume 1 (2016).
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Dec. 18, 2023

Top surgeon publishes inspirational book

Jokonya said although the book was motivational, he considered it more of a “life guide”.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Dec. 21, 2023

‘I clean graves for fun, passion…’Young man finds fulfilment in restoring colonial graves

Moyo told Southern Eye On Sunday that he literally lost everything at that time, including his truck and several cars and headed to a cemetery in his home town
By Phillip Chidavaenzi Mar. 24, 2024