Shaina, the movie comes to Netflix Africa

Shaina — will make its premiere on Netflix on November 29, making it the second local film after 'Cook off' to feature on Netflix.

ZIMBABWEAN film — Shaina — will make its premiere on Netflix on November 29, making it the second local film after 'Cook off' to feature on Netflix. 

The film is an initiative by USAID to empower adolescent girls and young women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

"There are opportunities out there people, it's just a matter of you seeking them out because you are the only ones responsible to improve your own lives," says one of the first lines from the movie trailer.

In  an interview on Impact(ed) international, Wilmah Munemera who plays 'Shine' said her favourite part on filming Shaina was the women she saw on set, the story bringing out how powerful they were.

"l was so happy to be part of such an important story because so many women need it and l think we can never do it too much, we can never uplift women too much,’  said Munemera.

Shaina centers on a gifted Zimbabwean teenager who has potential but she faces obstacles ranging from personal loss to the burden of exam fees and influence of blessers.

The story unfolds with camaraderie, forgiveness and the unwavering strength that comes from girls supporting one another.

Shaina takes a bold stand against gender- based violence by shining a spotlight on the power of peer support and promoting positive masculinity.

Shaina sshas been officially selected at 15 festivals around the world from Durban to Zanzibar to Seattle. At the African Movie Academy Awards in Lagos, Nigeria, Wilmah Munemera (who plays Shine) won the Best Young Actor Award and Beautie Masvaure Alt was nominated for Best First Feature Film Director. Beautie was again nominated for Best First Feature Film Director at the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) in LA. ‘Shaina’ also won an Audience Award at the New African Film Festival in New York City, Best International Film at the Portland Film Festival, and was nominated for the prestigious Peabody Award.

Directed by Beautie Masvaure Alt and written by Wanisai Chigwendere, ‘Shaina’ was produced by Quizzical Pictures, one of the continent’s leading production houses and Impact(Ed) International.

Cast members include Wilmah Munemera, Tinodiwanashe Chitima, Gamu Mukwakwami, Tarumbidzwa Chirume, Tadiwanashe Tsitsi Marowa and Fadzai Simango alongside well-established talent from Zimbabwe in the likes of Jesesi Mungoshi, Leroy Gopal, Eddy Sandifolo, Marian Kunonga, and Charmaine Mujeri.

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