Chics’ Galaxy: Kikky Badass’ in ‘new romance’ with Enzo

Kikky Badass’ in ‘new romance’ with Enzo

THERE is no guessing what comes next when the name of female rapper and songwriter Kikky Badass –born Christabell Stembeni Mahlungwa- is mentioned.

The plump self-styled “goddess of too much sauce” attracts controversy and praise in equal measure.

She has won awards and inspired younger femcees yet she has also stirred controversy through vitriolic online posts as well as promises to go violent whenever challenged.

Last Monday, she shocked music lovers with an unlikely collaboration with Enzo Ishall. As if that was not enough, she appeared in the visuals for a Zimdancehall song titled Handizive.

While the song, produced by the award winning Oskid, is gaining decent streams online, it came as a surprise considering how the two portrayed a strenuous relationship in 2021.

This was two years after Kikky appeared as a vixen shaking what her mother gave her in Enzo’s hit-song Magate.

“Wakanyimwa crown yedancehall now you want to rap, I thought you were an OG…If I ain’t twerk on his video would he still have views,” the Body Conversations singer had bragged in reference to the cameo in a song titled Mapisarema.

“So twerking on my video brought more views ? (Laughing emojis). “Woow, ain you twerking on all your videos?” Enzo retorted in a social media post then.

The duo’s latest musical romance is probably proof that the two ostentatious stars are musically a match made in heaven –and they know it.

As expected, in Handizive, the 28-year old Kikky can be seen skimpily dressed throughout the video as she plays confrontational partner to a cheating spouse (Enzo).

In terms of quality the video falls short but trust the queen and king of drama to bring their A-game in portraying their roles.

Meanwhile, this is not Kikky’s first time to appear in a Zimdancehall track. In fact she has her own smash hit titled One One where she ironically sounds like a female version of Enzo.

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