Mtengwa-Nyabvure basks in Pfeka apparel success

Established in 2018, the Pfeka clothing brand, has made several successful partnerships with some of the country’s leading sportspersons and teams, as it continues to blossom in the cut-throating fashion design industry.

WHAT began as a hobby for Netherlands-based Telecommunications Engineer-cum-fashion designer Eglet Mtengwa-Nyabvure has blossomed into a big sports apparel brand in Zimbabwe and beyond the borders.

Established in 2018, the Pfeka clothing brand, has made several successful partnerships with some of the country’s leading sportspersons and teams, as it continues to blossom in the cut-throating fashion design industry.

At the moment Pfeka dresses the country’s top tennis players Benjamin and his brother Courtney Lock, as well as rising starlet Sasha Chimedza and has also designed sportswear for the country’s Davis Cup team for their recent international assignment in Hong Kong and the ladies Under-21 team at the World Cup in Chile.

Pfeka is also the brand of choice for Team Zimbabwe UK football club as well as the Netherlands-based Free Stars Netball team, Wassenaar Rugby Club in the Netherlands, Benelux FC football club.

Mtengwa-Nyabvure’s brand has entered the design competition introduced by the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee for the 2024 Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony outfit for Team Zimbabwe.

The gifted fashion designers spoke about Pfeka’s journey to success.

“I am telecommunications engineer by profession, and the founder of Pfeka. The vision for Pfeka was born out of a personal quest for wardrobe authenticity and representation. As a professional working in the corporate world, I often found myself craving clothing that spoke to my identity and heritage, especially after relocating to Europe,” she said.

“Fuelled by the desire to fill this gap in the market, I set out to create pieces that blended modern aesthetics with traditional African elements. The inspiration behind Pfeka lies in my deep connection to Zimbabwe and its diverse cultural landscape. From the majestic Great Zimbabwe to the vibrant Ndebele patterns, each Pfeka garment is a testament to the beauty and resilience of Zimbabwean heritage.

“The journey of Pfeka began with a vision to redefine modern fashion by infusing it with the essence of Africa, and it continues to evolve as a platform for celebrating identity and storytelling through clothing. It was also my desire to make clothes that are valuable and are not disposed so quickly and for non-Zimbabweans to love and have as a souvenir as they carry the beautiful stories of Africa,” Mtengwa-Nyabvure added.

It is in the sports world that Pfeka has made a bigger impact since its establishment and Mtengwa-Nyabvure is thrilled by how her brand has been embraced by such a key global sector.

“Pfeka’s journey into the sports sector has been a thrilling adventure, driven by our unwavering commitment to showcasing Zimbabwean identity on a global platform. Our designs are a celebration of Zimbabwe’s rich cultural heritage, with each garment paying homage to iconic landmarks and traditions.

“We’ve had the privilege of partnering with prestigious organizations such as Tennis Zimbabwe, where we’ve had the honour of dressing both senior men’s teams and rising stars like Sasha. Additionally, our collaborations extended to the Zimbabwe Under-19 ladies hockey team and the Zimbabwe senior netball team, the GEMS, providing them with distinctive apparel for their international campaigns.

“Moreover, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with corporate companies for their corporate kits, and we’ve created beloved Team Zimbabwe supporter’s T-shirts for fans of the Zimbabwe national rugby team and the senior Zimbabwe football team.

“These partnerships represent just a glimpse of our ongoing commitment to elevating Zimbabwean sports and fostering a sense of national pride through our distinctive designs. We are honoured to work with such esteemed organizations and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in Zimbabwe’s sports sector,” she said.

Mtengwa Nyabvure is also excited about the opportunity to dress the Zimbabwean Team at the Paris Olympics opening ceremony after entering the ZOC design competition.

“Participating in the design competition for Team Zimbabwe at the Olympics has been an incredibly rewarding journey for us. Drawing on our six years of experience in the industry and our proven track record of dressing winning teams on international platforms, we are confident that our designs will stand out and capture the essence of Team Zimbabwe’s spirit.

“While we cannot predict the outcome of the competition, we firmly believe that our designs embody the essence of Team Zimbabwe and will resonate with both athletes and fans alike. We are excited about the possibility of our designs being selected as the winning designs, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see Team Zimbabwe shine brightly in Paris.

“After all, as we firmly believe, the first win of an athlete showing up to compete is dressing well, and our designs are poised to boost confidence and inspire greatness,” she said.

Pfeka clothing brand has a shop at Old Hararians Sports Club in Harare.

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