Gold Mafia revelations an indictment of ED

All the unethical mafia-style smuggling of gold and laundering of the proceeds is allegedly being facilitated by the State apparatus.

THE Al Jazeera documentary series on gold smuggling and money laundering in Zimbabwe and the subsequent reduction of the country from a respected State to a den of lions has all what it takes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to step down.

All the unethical mafia-style smuggling of gold and laundering of the proceeds is allegedly being facilitated by the State apparatus.

A close analysis of the documentary series shows that Mnangagwa appears clueless about running a country.

The team around him, which include the “prophet of doom” Uebert Angel ironically elaborated the non-existence of a formal government in Zimbabwe and how unregulated the exploitation of mineral resources like gold is.

Mnangagwa allowed the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to be infiltrated by an uncouth and dangerous mafia.

No wonder John Mangudya, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, appeared irritated that Al Jazeera exposed the alleged unscrupulous gold smuggling and money laundering schemes.

Honestly, Zimbabwe has been hijacked by economic terrorists whose aim is to devour the national cake with their families while the rest of the population is wallowing in abject poverty.

There is no way Zimbabwe could have created jobs for its young graduates from colleges and universities when there was no reserve bank to facilitate the running of the economy.

The constant blaming of sanctions by Zanu PF leadership is a decoy to blind people about its illegal gold smuggling.

How could Zimbabwean gold be purified in Dubai when Zimbabwe used to have that technology during the operations of big multi-national companies like Anglo-American Corporation and Ashanti Gold?

We now know that the purported law to punish people criticising Zanu PF abroad was in fact meant to protect the Gold Mafia.

Given the level of corruption in the country, we have now seen through the revelations of Al Jazeera that it is safe to say that the coming election will most certainly be a fuss.

It lacks integrity and respect for democracy and humanity.

The big question is: If we now know these facts around gold and money laundering, what could be happening with diamonds, emeralds, platinum and other precious minerals that are being plundered?

This situation is too serious to be ignored by human rights activists, progressive political outfits like the Citizens Coalition for Change and Zimbabweans in general.

This is now the time for all these forces to come together and conjure a lasting union to vote Zanu PF out of power forever.

Our chance to do it is now and none but ourselves can break these Zanu PF slavery chains and free ourselves from this diabolic incarceration.

For a long time, Zanu PF has been peddling lies about sanctions, yet it was busy bringing down the country through smuggling minerals and money laundering.

Zanu PF has staffed its government with people who have no clue on how to turn around the economy other than being experts at destruction.

Mnangagwa’s government should be a lesson to any new political dispensation.

Any continuation of such levels of resource depletion, poor governance and political patronage will take Zimbabwe beyond economic redemption.

It is important to remind each other that all this economic mayhem is coming against a culture of violence that has been perpetrated by Zanu PF since independence.

The gains of independence that Zanu PF and PF Zapu brought in 1980 have now been reversed.

There is clearly no difference between Mnangagwa’s regime and the colonial government led by Ian Douglas Smith under the Rhodesia Front.

Zanu PF and the Rhodesia Front are colonialists who only think of improving the welfare of their friends and the underworld mafia.

Any declaration by Zanu PF that it has won the coming election will be a mockery of the intelligence of the people of Zimbabwe in light of the Gold Mafia revelations.

The next level of organisation for every Zimbabwean is to register and encourage every citizen to vote against Zanu PF in the coming election so that we can put these mineral launderers to rest.

The future of Zimbabwe is doomed under Zanu PF governance. Zimbabweans should stand up and make representations to all influential international political bodies to make sure that the coming elections are not stolen again.

Brothers and sisters, this is all from me for this week writing from a small hotel room in Nairobi, Kenya.

God bless Zimbabwe.

  • Mathew Nyashanu is a senior lecturer in public health and admissions tutor for the MA in Public Health at the Institute of Health and Allied Professions at Nottingham Trent University. He writes in his personal capacity.

​In this story, we erroneously used a picture of Honourable Mathew Nyashanu. We have since corrected it. We unreservedly apologise to Honourable Nyashanu. – Editor

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