MAYO advocates for inclusive education

MAYO field officer Patience Fara said education is a fundamental right that should be made accessible to everyone.


LOCAL organisation Marvel Act Youth Organisation of Zimbabwe (MAYO) last Monday joined the world in observing the International Day of Education under the theme Changing course, transforming education.

The International Day of Education is observed every year on January 24 as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate the role of education for peace and development.

MAYO field officer Patience Fara said education is a fundamental right that should be made accessible to everyone.

“The reason behind observing this day is that we believe that it is time to reflect, that quality education is a right and must be accessible for all, especially to the underprivileged and to those who live in rural areas like Mutoko, Mudzi, Gokwe and Binga, among others,” Fara said.

“According to Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful tool to change the world. In Zimbabwe, the Primary and Secondary Education ministry availed several alternative learning programmes during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“The programmes include radio and television lessons aired on radio stations such as Radio Zimbabwe and National FM as well as on Dzidzo Paden on WhatsApp, but the majority prefer to use the WhatsApp platform.”

MAYO founder and director Abel Mavura said there was need to come up with policies and frameworks that help bridge the gap between the rural and urban learner.

“We believe that more policies and strategies should be implemented to develop a quality education system which does not widen the gap between the rural and urban students which threatens to live millions of students behind,” Mavura said.

“More so, the issue of inadequate electricity supply, low internet connectivity and high cost of data should be considered.

“It is also important to look at the role that education can play in promoting peace.  As MAYO we do believe that education is one of the key instruments in building a peaceful world through teaching each and every individual the fundamental oneness of humanity.

“Hence, education should be a right for everyone and bring a bright future, for it is the mother of all professions.”

Mavura said MAYO was advocating for the improvement of the quality of education.

“Education should improve one’s way of thinking and develop individual moral characteristics which include compassion, justice, love, harmony and courtesy,” he said.

“Justice and human rights play a vital role in education as they bring balanced education which helps to prepare children and youths for a better life.”

Fara said the Covid-19 pandemic has undeniably caused baggage toward the progress and quality of education towards learners.

“We also join the call for a more humane, inclusive, and proper-funded education amidst the pandemic so that there will be no students left behind,” she said.

“As MAYO we can be proud of ourselves when everyone is included in the education sphere. We do not mean all about academic knowledge but it is also about practical knowledge and life skills.”

The constant relationship between the educators and learners provides enlightenment on what aspect to be enhanced to allow a continuous and quality learning environment for everyone.

MAYO Zimbabwe is a youth and women-focused non-governmental organisation that seeks to contribute to the development and empowerment of young people in marginalised communities, eradication of poverty, injustices, conflicts, violence through advocacy for equality, child, youth and women’s rights.

The organisation is devoted to bringing social change and developing marginalised communities through various developmental initiatives, and theatre is the medium we use to engage communities and communicate various social ills.

It subscribes to the principles of the right to information, knowledge and skills on the prevention of violence and conflicts.

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