Disgraced: Mai Titi’s spectacular fall from grace

Mai Titi’s story has turned out to be a “happily never after”

MAI Titi’s story has turned out to be a “happily never after” debacle after her socialite celebrity cover was blown off, exposing the real fraud she has been all along following her conviction and sentencing to nine months in jail for theft.

It has been long-time coming as her life has been filled with an endless series of problems: Her life had become a tale of solving one problem and creating another in the process.

Ironically, some 484 000 people still follow her on Instagram, 49 800 on TikTok and 1,4 million on Facebook with her fans posting mixed comments.

Some have dismissed the this week’s conviction and jail term handed down to Mai Titi, born Felistas Murata, as unfortunate events triggered by an evil eye or “buri nazar” cast upon her by those who do not like her.

Others suggest it is a self-cast evil eye after she borrowed US$10 000 for a business project from one Harare women whom she gave a hired Mercedes-Benz as surety claiming that she owned the vehicle.

She later repossessed the vehicle and replaced it with yet another car, an Audi Q5 which did not belong to her either.

Her deceit was blown when Murata again repossessed the Audi Q5 and replaced it with an invalid passport.

In court, it then emerged that she did not complete a community service after she was convicted and sentenced on yet another offence.

It appears it has hardly been that rosy all along as she once said she regrets getting married at a very young age.

In 2020, Mai Titi hogged the limelight after dramatically breaking up with local musician, Zizoe.

A few months later, She was showing off her new lover from Nigeria, Obina whom she engaged with in December 2020 and later showed off her lobola pictures.

But soon, the relationship broke up again with Mai Titi accusing Obina of being a fraud and an opportunist who robbed her of her money and disappeared into thin air.

Maybe Obina should have given us his side of the story before melting out of sight.

His story could have shined some light on this socialite who this week spectacularly fell from the lofty socialite celebrity heights.

Murata, being a socialite as she is, naturally created a situation that attracted attention to her and last year, she married United States-based Tinashe Maphosa and they held an extravagant wedding which later turned out to have financially drained them, leaving them with a massive debt.

Perhaps that is when she decided to borrow the US$10 000 to try to pay the debt after her husband refused to pay it blaming her for organising the expensive wedding they could not afford.

The marriage again broke down and Maphosa left for the United States, where he stays and where the two apparently met.

Amid all this apparently messy background life of the celebrated socialite and comedian, nude pictures of her were trending a few weeks ago, summing up a real life of controversy.

It has been one hell of a mixed bag for Mai Titi and following her sentence, some have been attacking her on social media, while others are sympathising with her.

These are just some of the social media comments:

“People are trying as hard as possible to hold everyone and everything in her life accountable except for Mai Titi herself, the truth of the matter is she is rude, unstable, talks too much and a criminal but you want everyone to simply be there to tolerate her. What happened to her was wrong but she is much to blame and she should be fully held accountable,” one of the commentators said.

“My heart bleeds for her children, for her inner self too because it is traumatising. May her children find peace as they grow,” another one also commented.

Well, unfortunately, only she has to carry her own cross.

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