German author calls for social justice reporting support

Alice Hastas take journalists through best practices in podcasting and articulating social justice issues

AWARD-WINNING German journalist, author and podcaster Alice Haruko Hasters has urged stakeholders in the media industry to adequately resource journalists to be able to cover stories on social justice.

Hasters, who describes herself as a black person, and writes and publishes on Afro-German identity, racism, feminism and intersectionality, made the remarks to local journalists last week at the German Society in Harare during a three-day workshop on social justice journalism and podcasting.

She hogged the limelight after publishing an autobiography, What White People Don’t Want to Hear About Racism, But Should Know Anyway.

“In covering issues on social justice, the government could be the most reliable source of information while pitching a story that the editor would want could be the best way to get access to mainstream media outlets. Focus on sustainability of your treatment of information and issues,” Hasters said

“Local journalists are important in the provision of creditworthy information and they must take serious caution especially with corporate journalism. Even in the event where corporates make it a pleasant experience to journalists, journalists should remain critical and maintain the highest level of integrity.”

She said while she might not be conversant with the current context of journalism processes, it was important for journalists to uphold the highest level of ethical reporting amid challenges.

“The best tips for addressing social justice issues through journalism are to make it clear and straightforward to the people you are writing for while you tell it as it is. Journalists should be very cautious not only on ethical issues, but also the sustainability of what they would be venturing into,” Hasters said.

“The attitude and treatment of journalists with regard to their coverage of social justice issues differs from one country to another depending on how laws are enforced. Journalists are important mouth pieces for democracy. When journalists are attacked it means that democracy is also under the attack.”


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