Zimbuild strives to leave an indelible mark on global construction industry

Part of the Zimbuild team taking a break from the strategic meeting to visit the Kariba dam wall early this year

Delivering best-in-class customer experience is the way to win in any business venture, hence the need for companies and organisations to turn their focus to their own innovations.

Zimbuild Property Investments, a local construction company, seems to be ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies while at the same time targeting a number of high-profile ventures.

The company is a dynamic and innovative land development and construction company providing architectural and management services in the built environment to both public and private.

The company is poised to undertake remarkable projects in and outside the country this year, thanks to a cocktail of strategies the company has taken over the years.

By strategically restructuring its operations, Zimbuild aims to optimise its resources, streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency.

“We are committed to providing world-class infrastructure solutions that will transform Zimbabwe’s landscape and contribute to the nation's progress,” Zimbuild finance officer Patrick Musarira.

“Our focus on innovation, sustainability, and delivering projects of the highest quality will be the driving force behind our success.”

Early this year, Zimbuild convened strategic meeting for its workers in Kariba to set up the tone for the New Year.

“The strategic meeting proved to be a pivotal moment, setting the tone for the management and outlining the targets necessary to secure Zimbuild’s growth and contribute to the development of Zimbabwe,” said Zimbuild brand communications manager Lisa Nomacebo.

As part of its evolution, Zimbuild has roped in a number of professionals to spur growth and be a force to reckon with in the dog-eat-dog construction industry.

“The newly appointed executives bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company, ensuring that Zimbuild is well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” Nomacebo said.

She said her company’s vision aligns with the government’s goal of fostering economic growth and development in line with Vision 2030.

“By actively participating in major construction projects, the company aims to create job opportunities for locals in all areas where Zimbuild has projects,” Nomacebo said.

“The company also aims to stimulate local economies, and promote sustainable development across the country.”

She said Zimbuild was poised to leave an indelible mark on the global construction arena and shape the future of infrastructure globally.

“Some of the strategies we are implementing include market expansion involving exploring new markets within the country and the continent, leveraging on local suppliers, manufactures as well as intercontinental trade to enhance project completion time, quality and costs, collaboration and partnerships, strengthening the capabilities of African businesses through skill development, training programmes through the government, industry associations and international organisations,” she said.

“We endeavour to place Zimbuild signature on all our projects by consistently meeting the requirements of the specifications and by delivering sustainable projects that add value to the owner.

“We offer a turnkey approach to our projects and we believe in the beauty of creation and the power of design.

“A land transformed into great cities is one great feat to accomplish.”

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