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Five Worst Hotel Horror StoriesbyEveryone has stayed in a less than perfect hotel before, and we all have our horror stories that we tell to our friends and families about them. Usually these stories involve rude service, smelly rooms or poor views. The stories you are about to read, however, deal with individuals who have experienced the worst of the worst when it comes to poor hotel stays. Read on if you dare!

1. To sum it up, the man claims that, on the surface his small room seemed clean. Having no reason to believe anything was wrong, he went to sleep in fine health. However when the man awoke in the morning, his body was covered in bed bug and flea bites! The bites itched worse than those of a mosquito and, being that they were all over his body, he couldn’t stop itching and entire stay in London was ruined. Snakes in a Hotel

Fairfax City, VA police reported finding 12 venomous snakes and 5 non venomous snakes in a room at the Hy Way Motel. The snakes were apparently brought there by a guest and stashed in the room. No one knows where the man went from there, but the snakes were left in the room until a couple of them died. This caused the awful smell of rotting snake corpse to seep into the adjacent rooms until wholesale nfl jerseys the guests notified the hotel that something was wrong! If only Samuel L. Jackson was working the front desk that night.3. Hotel Crystal Meth

Leslie Dalton, a guest at a Pensacola Florida hotel was sitting on her bed when a black backpack containing a Methamphetamine lab fell from the ceiling and landed on her head. Of course, Ms. Dalton called wholesale jerseys the police and had a team come in to inspect her accidental finding. This means who ever was stupid enough to leave that bag strapped to the ceiling also left their picture ID with it all!

4. Honeymooners Attacked in their Room

In July 2008, a recently married couple decided to honeymoon in Antigua and booked a room at a luxury hotel. Tragically, they were not aware that the Island of Antigua has recently undergone a massive spike in crime rates, and the two were shot to death in their hotel room. Police say that robbery was most likely the motive and cheap jerseys that the culprits may prove difficult to find. Suffice it to say that this is hardly what the bride and groom had in mind when they planned their honeymoon getaway!5. Haunted Hotel Madness

Guests at the Hotel Coronado in San Diego California have presented some troubling reports of haunted rooms! As legend has it, in 1892 a troubled girl checked into the hotel using the false name Lotti Bernard. Days after her check in she was found dead near the hotel’s rear entrance, and police deemed it a suicide. Today, wholesale nhl jerseys guests still report doors slamming, TVs turning on and off at random, head indentations on pillows, and the like. The hotel loves advertising that their hotel is rumored to be haunted, and recently, Bonnie Vent, a paranormal researcher from San Diego, reports speaking to Lotti and confirming her prescience at the hotel! If you want a good scare and possibly whiteness paranormal activity up close, book at stay at the Coronado in San Diego, you’re never sure what may happen!.Articles Connexes:

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