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Autoworld unleashes Chevy Trailblazer

CHEVROLET’S foray into the local motoring market has been made all the more luminous with the addition of yet another feather to its cap.

Dynamic telecoms industry

IRRESPECTIVE of the success and financial fortunes of the individual players therein, the overall demand situation for products and solutions in the telecoms sector still points to viable opportunities and investment sense.

Ferrari consider Sebastian Vettel protest

Ferrari want to establish whether there is enough evidence to lodge a protest that, if successful, could overturn the result of the Formula 1 world championship.

POSB succeeds by keeping eyes on the ball

POSB has stood the test of time and consistently offered unparalleled banking services to Zimbabweans. The bank has evolved over time in tandem with technological...

Maz appoints new board

President: Ruth Ncube (marketing practitioner MP, Maz/IMM 2011.) Managing director First Mutual Life Assurance Co. Ncube is a savvy and dedicated businesswoman who holds an...

NicozDiamond making a difference

NICOZDIAMOND Insurance (NDI) is the market leader in the provision of short- term insurance – a tried and tested brand. It is also the...

BCC wins Service Excellence Award

BCC is proud to announce that its call centre has been awarded the Service Excellence Award in the public sector, local authorities and utilities category.

Superlux Automotive repairs leave damaged vehicles looking new

CAR servicing will not only help your car run at its best, it will make your vehicle more efficient, thus saving you money.

Tips to keep car running in top form

WE’VE compiled our best expert advice, surprising tricks, and car-care tips to prolong the life of your automobile! www.rd.com Be patient during running-in You’ve bought your dream...

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