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The rise and fall of Grace Mugabe

WHEN President Robert Mugabe exchanged nuptials with Grace Marufu amid pomp and fanfare in August 1996, few would have guessed that she would after two decades make such a dramatic […]

Clashes between security services

By Bernard Mpofu TENSIONs between the country’s security services this week intensified after the police reportedly attempted to arrest military chief General Constantino Chiwenga upon his return from an official […]

Succession triggers turmoil

THE military takeover of President Robert Mugabe’s government by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) in the early hours of Wednesday morning is the culmination of prolonged intense factional battles triggered […]

Opposition wants transitional govt

LEADERS of opposition political parties in Zimbabwe say the army should facilitate the formation of a transitional government that should pave way for a free and fair election.

Mugabe’s chief of security battered

THE atmosphere in the country has been tranquil and serene despite the military holding President Robert Mugabe and his family hostage, while embarking on an operation to arrest his close […]

Mugabe exit plan talks deadlocked

IN a week of high political and military drama, President Robert Mugabe — barricaded at his Borrowdale mansion and effectively under house arrest — has told his security ministers, army […]

How army takeover was executed

ZIMBABWE Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander General Constantino Chiwenga survived an attempted arrest by Zimbabwe Republic Police Support Unit on his arrival from China at the Robert Mugabe International Airport on […]

Possible political scenarios for Zim

AS uncertainty continues to swirl around the fate of President Robert Mugabe, several scenarios have come up as the world’s oldest leader attempts to cling to power amid military intervention.

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