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Why Mugabe retained old guard

By Chido Makunike WE have had a lot of recent pointers to how seriously Zanu PF is taking the MDC challenge in the general election scheduled for a year away […]

How not to do it

By Magari Mandebvu AT our local post office one Saturday morning you would not have believed that we were in the country with the highest average IQ in the world […]

It’s time Africa shook off mediocrity tag

By Brighton Mupangavanhu I WOULD like to thank Darlington Majonga for his article “Africa must not revel in underachievement”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 23) in which he touched on the chronic […]

Thumbs up to Moyo and his media group

By Kudakwashe Marazanye I HEARTILY applaud Information minister Jonathan Moyo for his spirited effort to expose corrupt leaders in both the party and public service organisations. Moyo is proving to […]

Neglected sports facilities fall apart

Ndamu Sandu MULTI-MILLION dollar sports facilities built for the 6th All Africa Games hosted by Zimbabwe in 1995 are lying derelict and neglected, the Zimbabwe Independent can reveal. < (more…)

Gono still missing the point

Dumisani Ndlela RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono this week drew fury from opposition politicians and analysts who said his unorthodox monetary policy approa (more…)

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