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The curse of foreign aid

Vince Musewe Foreign aid, by design or accident, has unfortunately become the most powerful tool which certain western governments continue to use to keep Africa a begging continent. In his […]

Nssa contributions plunge

NATIONAl Social Security Authority (Nssa) says contributions have declined to 42% in the seven months to September 2017 on the back of continued infomalisation of the economy and liquidity challenges.

‘OneMoney a game-changer for Zim’

I see a NetOne that would have reclaimed its top position in the sector. The numerous innovative products that we are rolling out are real game-changers and just watch the […]

Zim govt must heed warnings

Despite strenuous denials by deluded government officials, the economy is in dire straits and all the objective facts point to a catastrophic end to 2017, largely on the back of […]

True measure of democracy

AS they say, sometimes the true measure of a democracy is the way it treats its minorities. How a majority government treats its minorities can reflect whether it is a […]

Towards a people’s national budget

The national budget essentially entails the use of government spending and revenues to influence the economy. Governments typically use the national budget (also known as fiscal policy) to promote strong […]

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