Apple joins streaming service

AT a star-studded event at the company’s Cupertino headquarters in California, Apple’s current CE Tim Cook launched the Apple Plus streaming service.

Bhebhe puts Zim on gospel map

“Dare to dream, and be brave enough to take opportunities when they come your way.”

Time to arise from slumber

LAST night, I watched a video by the former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. He was showcasing the marvel of China’s road network. Indeed, the road works are a prime example of the accelerated technological supremacy of that nation.

World Cancer Day challenges everyone

Cancer is one of the world’s most dreaded diseases. It can strike anyone. However, the risk of many cancers can be substantially reduced through a healthy lifestyle.

Beating drums to welcome despair

Reminiscence: one year on THIS week allow me to take a look back at this time last year when our nation was in the thrall...

Mutambara unpacks the politics of power-sharing

Title: The path to power: in search of the elusive Zimbabwe dream (vol. 2) Author: Arthur Mutambara Publisher: Sapes books 2010 ISBN: 978-1-928440-04-8 By Phillip Chidavaenzi In this second...

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