Indispensable Expressions Interrelated with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, leading the mainstream market trends. Bitcoin is the most robust online version of cash distributed around the globe. Deceptive...

What Are The Pros Of Cryptocurrency That You Should Know About...

Cryptosystems or cryptocurrencies, which have arisen as a digital option to more conventional transactions such as cash or card accounts, have also produced opposing...

Reviewing Transitional Stabilisation Programme

THE BRETT CHULU COLUMN THE Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), the action plan for the reforms agenda, was set to run from October 2018 to December...

Smuggling of groceries from SA a new Covid-19 frontier

FOR most families in Zimbabwe, the days leading to month-end are a painful slog because the meagre salaries people earn do not last the...

IMF revises inflation forecast up

THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised upwards its forecast for Zimbabwe’s inflation outlook for 2020 from its February 24 forecast of 221,1% (Consumer Price Index-based annual average) to 319%.

What does another recession mean for Zim?

IN Equity Axis’ initial 2020 economic outlook released in January, we projected that the economy would contract by about -5% cognisant of the constrained fiscal space, a persistent drought, residual effects of Cyclone Idai, a volatile macro-economic environment characterised by hyperinflation and exchange rate weakness.

Questions on IMF, Zim optimism

MEDIA reports on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Article IV Consultation with Zimbabwe which were deliberated upon by the executive board of the international financial institution last week on February 24 missed the fact that the IMF is optimistic of an economy that is better this year than last year.

Economic predictions, probabilities for this year

AT the beginning of 2019, I laid out my possible economic outcomes for the year and most forecasts were largely in line with year-end outturn although some notable misses were recorded.

Year 2019: A business operator’s perspective

IN 2019, business confidence hit its lowest in 10 years as companies gave a gruelling account of the operating environment and how it affected their financial and operating performance. Key factors that dampened companies’ performance in 2019 included a depreciating exchange rate whose magnitude of decline was next to none on a global level. Zimbabwe’s newly introduced Zimbabwean dollar lost about 85% against the US dollar between February and December 2019.

Govt lifts ban on inflation figures

The authorities have practically lifted the moratorium on the publication of year-on-year inflation figures — the evidence is the publication of the October Consumer Price Index (CPI) by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) on its website.

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