Poll flaws unlikely to unseat Mugabe

The recent elections in Zimbabwe were always likely to be problematic.

Sadc, AU withhold credibility stamp

WHEN President-elect Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party contested last week’s general elections, their aim was to secure outright victory and boost their political legitimacy.

Zim elections — Trouble again?

With both congratulations and criticisms pouring in, there is much concern over what the disputed elections will mean for Zimbabwe going forward.

MDC-T rejects Sadc calls

MDC-T National standing committee has rejected calls by the Sadc Observer Mission to accept the outcome of the just ended crucial elections in Zimbabwe

Go to court- Zanu PF tells MDC-T

Zanu PF has advised MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to approach the courts once election results are announced

Government’s move to ‘cripple’ 1st TV absurd

One can only come to a very sad conclusion pertaining to the government’s mindset on the state and pace of our broadcasting sector development.

Sadc, AU endorse Zim elections

THE SADC and AU observer missions on Friday endorsed Zimbabwe’s presidential and parliamentary elections as ‘free and peaceful’

Post-July 31 Zimbabwe:Responses, managing outcomes

A RETURN to protracted political crisis and possibly extensive violence, is likely, after Zimbabwe held inadequately prepared presidential, parliamentary and local elections on July...

Mai Jukwa finally takes our cue

Muckraker saw a flyer from Zanu PF councillor for Ward 5, Abraham Samushonga. He said his party would “Indeginize (sic), Empower, Develop

Disputed elections results: Biometrics future of voting

ZIMBABWE appears to be headed for another disputed poll

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