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Top 7 Secrets To Unlocking Your Customer’s Brain For Instant Sales

A new field called NeuroMarketing combining neuroscience, marketing and technology has generated a buzz across every industry and every business sector. Neuroscience is now telling us:

“Our unconscious mind not our conscious mind drives how we respond to ads, brands and products and, ultimately, drives all our buying decisions. Customers don’t really know why they buy what they buy, which is why traditional market research fall short.”

To understand the reasons why this is true and what it means to your marketing success, we must briefly look at the architecture of our brain.

There are 3 main parts to the brain, each functioning as a brain unto itself.

The “Human” (“New,” or outer most) Brain: Most evolved part of the brain known as the cortex. Responsible for logic, learning, language, conscious thoughts and our personalities.

The “Mammalian” (Middle) Brain: Also known as the limbic system. Deals with our emotions, moods, memory and hormones.

The “Reptilian” (Old) Brain: Also known as the R Complex controls our basic survival functions, such as hunger, breathing, flight or fight reactions and staying out of harm’s way.

According to Erik du Plessis in The Advertising Mind, the “old” brain rules all rapid decision making, including buying decisions.

To strengthen your brand, loyalty and sales, you must understand your customers’ “reptilian hot buttons.” Below are top 7 critical insights as to what those buying “hot buttons” are and how to leverage them in your marketing.

The old brain is driven by emotions.

Our old brain operates on autopilot ie., a stimulus response mechanism. Emotions are automatic responses to sensory stimuli. The smell of coffee, the sound of the ocean, the view of a setting sun all trigger an unconscious emotional response.

Emotions play a similar critical role in our buying decisions. Your new imperative is to assess and appeal to your customer’s feelings. Welcome to The Feelings Economy.”

Key lesson: The more senses you trigger and associate with your products/services, the more you will appeal to your customers’ emotions and influence their buying behavior.

The old brain “decides” on the basis of the gain vs. pain tradeoff.

The two basic drivers of all behavior and decisions are: to seek pleasure and avoid pain. “They overemphasize the importance of pain by about 2.5:1 in decision making.” How to overcome your customer’s “distorted” gain vs. pain trade off?

Key lesson: Marketing guru, Seth Godin illustrates through his Joy/Cash Curve that high value purchases often trigger increasing amounts of buying pain. His solution: add more joy and pleasure to the buying process, such as he did in his work with Lexus. According to Godin, when you make buying pleasurable, you actually reset the customer’s “value meter.” How are you adding more joy to your buying process?

The old brain is highly influenced by beginnings and endings.

Research confirms that the beginning and ending of an event or experience alters our perception of the entire experience. Our initial impression becomes the “filter” for how we perceive what is to follow. The most recent experience leaves a final impression with greater weight.

Key lesson: In marketing, for your message to be accepted, it is critical to leave a strong first impression like a compelling story, a big smile, etc. Also, if a customer has a pleasant or unpleasant experience with wholesale jerseys from china your product or wholesale jerseys company, that most recent experience will influence future purchases more than all other experiences combined. What impression are you leaving with your prospects in the first few seconds or words? wholesale jerseys How has your last customer contact enhanced or jeopardized repeat sales?

The old brain is visually oriented and responds rapidly to images.

From the moment we are born, we are able to see shadows and associate meaning to them. In communications, we are told that 65% of our how our message is received is through our physiology (or visual cues). Study after study has shown that someone’s first impression of you is based on your physical appearance.

In each instance, it is our old brain rapidly responding to visual cues, not words. Words are the realm of the “new” brain and are secondary in the buying process.

Key learning: Enhance and deliver your core marketing message visually eg., the cheap nba jerseys design of your product, images in an ad, external packaging, etc. Where can you visually strengthen your brand and emotional connection with customers?Articles Connexes:

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