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Professor David Celermajer

Professor David Celermajer MBBS MSc PhD DSc FAHA FRACP FAA

David Celermajer is the Scandrett Professor of Cardiology at The University of Sydney and Director of Echocardiography in the Cardiology Department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, as well as Staff Cardiologist at the Children Hospital in Westmead. He has been Group Leader of the Clinical Research Group of the the Heart Research Institute since 1994, and in 2003 was appointed as Clinical Director of the Heart Research Institute. He sits on the National Heart Foundation of Australia Cardiovascular Health Advisory Committee and is currently also a Board Member of the Menzies School of Health Research in the Northern Territory. Since 2006 he has been a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Dux of Sydney Grammar School Rhodes Scholar for NSW 1983 University Medallist, USyd Medicine, 1984 World Debating and Public Speaking Champion 1984 Winner of RT Hall Prize and Eric Susman Medal for Research, 1998 Winner of Commonwealth Health Minister Award for Health Research 2002 Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science 2006 cheap jerseys Sir Kempson Maddox Lecturer, Cardiac Society of ANZ 2008

1. Basic Science the cell and molecular biology of atherosclerosis, especially endothelial adhesiveness and foam cell macrophage biology 2. Clinical research mainly on non invasive methods to assess arterial structure and function to detect early signs of vascular disease (especially endothelial dysfunction) 3. Public Health research in developing nations we collaborate on projects dealing with atherosclerosis in China and India; Rheumatic Heart Disease in Africa and Asia; and malaria related vascular dysfunction in Indonesia.

Screening of Fontan patients in Australia New Zealand for long term liver and kidney damage; Celermajer D; National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Project Grants.

Atherosclerosis the key roles of HDL, cell cholesterol metabolism and vascular function; Barter P, Celermajer D, Rye K, Kritharides L, Jessup W; National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Program Grants.

Eyes, endothelial function and exercise performance in cyanotic congenital heart disease; Celermajer D, Cordina R; Sydney South West Area Health Service/Research Support.

Mechanisms of pro atherogenic effects of androgens in human vascular cells; Heather A, Celermajer D, Handelsman D; Heart Research Institute/Research Grant.

Non invasive detection of early vascular disease and assessment of reversibility in adults prone to atherosclerosis; Celermajer D; Medical Research Foundation/Research Project Support.

Effect of dietary fatty acid supplementation on high density lipoprotein phospholipid composition an; Nicholls S, cheap nfl jerseys Rye K, Celermajer D; Pfizer Australia/Cardiovascular Lipid Research Grant.

The role of physiology of the coronary microcirculation in ischaemic heart disease; Celermajer D, Adams M, Kilian J; National Heart Foundation/Research Grant.

Celermajer, D., Deanfield, J. (2003). Congenital heart disease in adolescents and adults. (CHD in Adolescence). In Anderson RH, Tynan M, Rigby M (Eds.), Paediatric Cardiology, (pp. 1893 1925). London: Churchill Livingstone.

Celermajer, D., Deanfield, J. (2003). Diseases of the tricuspid valve. In Anderson RH, Tynan M, Rigby M (Eds.), Paediatric Cardiology, (pp. 1111 1133). London: Churchill Livingstone.

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Celermajer, D., Vita, J. (2000). Vascular dysfunction and its contribution to atherogenesis. In RT Dean, D Kelly (Eds.), Atherosclerosis: Gene Expression, Cell Interactions, and Oxidation, (pp. 88 111). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Sharma, T., Lau, E., Choudhary, P., Torzillo, P., Munoz, P., Simmons, L., Naeije, R., Celermajer, D. (2015). Dobutamine stress for evaluation of right ventricular reserve in pulmonary arterial hypertension. The European Respiratory Journal, 45(3), 700 708. [More Information]

Luu, W., Choudhary, P., Jackson, R., Canniffe, C., McGuire, M., Chard, R., Celermajer, D. (2015). Ebstein’s Anomaly in Those Surviving to Adult Life A Single Centre Experience. Heart, Lung and Circulation. [More Information]

Dunn, L., Simpson, P., Prosser, H., Lecce (Venuto), L., Yuen, S., Buckle, A., Sieveking, D., Vanags, L., Lim, P., Chow, R., wholesale jerseys china Bao, B., Davies, M., Celermajer, D., Bursill, C., Ng, M., et al (2014). A Critical Role for Thioredoxin Interacting Protein in Diabetes Related Impairment of Angiogenesis. Diabetes, 63(2), 675 687. [More Information]

Martinez, G., Bailey, B., Celermajer, D., Patel, S. (2014). A safe and easy technique to sample the coronary sinus Facilitating a closer look at cardiac disease. International Journal of Cardiology, 176(3), 1321 1322. [More Information]

Ganigara, M., Collins, N., Tanous, D., Celermajer, D., Puranik, R. (2014). Anomalous left anterior descending coronary artery from the pulmonary artery The role of cardiac MRI. International Journal of Cardiology, 172(1), e172 e174. [More Information]

Lau, E., Abelson, D., Dwyer, N., Yu, Y., Ng, M., Celermajer, D. (2014). Assessment of ventriculo arterial interaction in pulmonary arterial hypertension using wave intensity analysis. The European Respiratory Journal, 43(6), 1804 1807. [More Information]

Kapellas, K., Jamieson, L., Do, L., Bartold, P., Wang, H., Maple Brown, L., Sullivan, D., O’Dea, K., Brown, A., Celermajer, D., Skilton, M., et al (2014). Associations between periodontal disease and cardiovascular surrogate measures among Indigenous Australians. International Journal of Cardiology, 173(2), 190 196. [More Information]

Chow, V., Yeoh, T., Ng, A., Pasqualon, T., Scott, E., Plater, J., Whitwell, B., Hanzek, D., Chung, T., Thomas, L., Celermajer, D., Kritharides, L. (2014). Asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction with long term clozapine treatment for schizophrenia:a multicentre cross sectional cohort study. Open Heart, 1, 1 10. [More Information]

Cordina, R., Grieve, S., Barnett, M., Lagopoulos, J., Malitz, N., Celermajer, D. (2014). Brain volumetric, regional cortical thickness and radiographic findings in adults with cyanotic congenital heart disease. NeuroImage: Clinical, 4, 319 325. [More Information]

Harmer, J., Keech, A., Veillard, A., Skilton, M., wholesale jerseys Marwick, T., Watts, G., Meredith, I., Celermajer, D. (2014). Cigarette smoking and albuminuria are associated with impaired arterial smooth muscle function in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a FIELD substudy. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 106(2), 328 336. [More Information]

Szopos, M., Poussineau, N., Maday, Y., Canniffe, C., Celermajer, D., Bonnet, D., Ou, P. (2014). Computational modeling of blood flow in the aorta insightsArticles Connexes:

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