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Zimbabweans, the sceptic lover

NOW, I have a juicy story to share with you — look at you, you love things too huh? Well, there is this female lover. She absolutely adores her man.

The two have a somewhat healthy relationship but there is this thing that bothers the woman to sleepless nights. Her lover was once intimate with her but unfortunately, she found herself with a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The man took responsibility. He accepted, apologised and promised never to cheat his black African beauty.

Now, their relationship is flowing with whatever dynamics define a recovering relationship. Some days are good and some are bad. The reality is that the two have continued with their relationship.

The toxic lover
The other day, there was a very serious announcement; as serious as are all other Statutory Instruments.

I know most of us are feeling the pinch of the economic crisis. Well, a lot was said but what caught my attention was something around the gold coins — what a great measure to instil confidence so we further trade. It is a very good intention and research has shown that this gold coin has worked miracles in other economies.

Well, I read that the South African Krugerrand is prized as one of the world’s oldest and most recognisable gold bullion coins. Somewhere else, it was written that although gold Krugerrand coins have no face value, they are considered legal tender in South Africa by the South African Reserve Bank Act (SARBA) of 1989.

Is there a copycat style here? Not at all, am sure the powers that be have everything under control.

Now, let us go back to that beautiful lover who was left with an STD. So she strongly adores and loves her man — he is a gem, of course in his own right just like the powers that be in the finance sector are the best minds we can find across the lands.

The thing is, when that man tries to touch his lover and introduce something new, anything, the woman cannot help but recall what she had to deal with from that moment of pleasure gone wrong.

This paints a good picture of Zimbabweans and what we have to face on a daily basis. We love our country; we would surely love to trust our leaders — like who wants to be with a lover they do not trust? But it is just so hard. There is not enough information to frame our thinking as citizens around what these gold coins are. The system is such that those who are walking the streets of Harare and in dire need of economic emancipation cannot even decipher what that monetary announcement was all about.

Some have had their fingers burnt as they tried to save money and do whatever it takes to survive, then guess what? They wake up with currencies changing, policy shifting and all sorts.

There needs to be much more if trust is going to be restored.

We need more than announcements and reassurances. We surely need results and consistency so we see real transformation.

After all, they say a leopard does not change its spots!

Our hopes
Zimbabwe needs to restore its confidence. With the full picture being aided by full information, I am confident we can pay a heeding ear so we hold hands and make this economic life work for our nation.

There is a collective need to fix the economy – we want to fix the economy; we need to fix the economy. It is us, the citizens who know the pain of the hospital visits for constant treatment of this lover’s abuse to get healing, so we are indeed up to making things work.

Can our leaders work with us – help us. Give us information in full so we too help you restore this long lost love. Information, information, information — in ways we can understand.

Can we please have a dialogue! Let us talk. Conversations that are sometimes hard and time-consuming will help us be on the same page. Yes, we do love Zimbabwe and are super passionate about our economy.

Can we continue to explore ways to make meaning out of what is happening and make sure that there is no reliving trauma?

Help us make Zimbabwe work — it is doable. It is possible and yes as a woman, I am confident it is very doable. Come let us reason together and make this relationship work. May we enjoy the gold coins but first, let us figure out what this whole frame is truly about.

A once betrayed lover needs time to heal. Work with us. Until then, we live, laugh and love to show the world, leaving our footprint as we make the world a better place.

  • Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje writes in her personal capacity as a citizen of Zimbabwe. Follow her on social media for more Lifezone with Grace conversations on Twitter: @graceruvimbo; Facebook: Grace Chirenje; Instagram: @graceruvimbo.

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