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Daggers out for Muguti

DAGGERS are out for Harare Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC) Tafadzwa Muguti  (pictured) over his abrasive approach which has unsettled some of his colleagues in government and the ruling party Zanu PF, the Zimbabwe Independent can report.

Famed for his militant style Muguti last year was allegedly poisoned when he took land barons head on. The land barons fight resulted in the arrests of some land dealers in Harare.

Well-placed sources say some in Zanu PF appreciate the feats that Muguti has achieved so far but there are concerns around his pronouncements which have in some instances left government ministers with the task of cleaning up.

The latest announcement on Arlington Estates demolitions ruffled feathers in the ruling party. The Independent has it on good authority that some Zanu PF top brass have houses in the estates.

Muguti’s actions according to sources have touched raw nerves which saw Housing minister Daniel Garwe intervening in the Arlington matter.

“Not only those in power feel under threat from Cyclone Muguti, but innocent citizens have also not been spared from his actions.

“He is failing to read the politics because, remember Zanu PF leaders have been implicated in cases of vote buying in Harare using land, especially in areas like Harare South and Nyatsime areas. So, some of those so-called illegal settlers did not just wake up and settle themselves where they are,” a Zanu PF source said.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be brutal, but in the eyes of citizens, Muguti has proven to be another pandemic in our midst,” added the source.

Since his appointment, Muguti has been aggressive in fighting corruption in local councils. Despite the noble efforts, most councils have been left without substantive leadership which has further compromised service delivery.

Contacted for comment Muguti referred our request to Harare Provincial Information Officer Eunice Sengamai who could not be reached for a comment by the time of going to print.

Analyst Sydicks Muradzikwa noted that the confused coordination within government ranks with regards to the demolition of Arlington Estates is stemming from the factional squabbles that have rocked the ruling party.

“This confused coordination within government ranks with regards to the demolition of Arlington Estates is stemming from the factional squabbles that have rocked the party.

“Objectively, Minister Garwe should be taking briefs from the PDC about something which is not happening. This therefore brings to the fore hidden factional elements and thus these communication disorders are just a tip of the iceberg of a great political disharmony within the government ranks,” Muradzikwa said.

Based on the recent discord around demolitions, political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said the ruling party is a chaotic entity that has shown contradictory policy inconsistencies on everything.

“In terms of coordination and policy, the ruling party is a chaotic entity that has shown contradictory policy inconsistencies on everything be it the economy, Covid-19 or the recent demolitions.

“So this should not surprise you; there is chaos in Zanu PF which is spilling into the government and shows the elite dis-coercion within the government which formulates policy. So this has been inherited from the Mugabe era where there was lack of coordination and policy inconsistency,” Saungweme said.

He added that what Muguti said about the demolitions initially is the actual position of the government but there might be mounting political pressure. hence the abrupt change in stance.

“Muguti was trying to apply the law by the book without necessarily taking political considerations and that the government is changing its position may actually mean his days are numbered in that role.”

Of all the PDCs whose positions were recently elevated to Permanent Secretaries, Muguti has proven to be the most energetic and most powerful to the extent of defying court orders.

Recently, he allegedly defied a High Court order which stayed all demolitions against informal traders’ structures in Harare and Chitungwiza.

Through his abrasive nature, Muguti’s attempt last year to ban non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Harare from operating hit a snag after the court barred him from interfering with the operations of the NGOs.

Muguti had purported to ban NGOs in Harare after only 40 of them complied with his instruction to submit work plans to his office. In June 2021, Muguti directed all civil society organisations operating within Harare to share with his office their work plans for 2021. The organisations alleged that the actions by Muguti were illegal as they violated the right to administrative justice.

Other sources in government are of the belief that Muguti’s approach has left all local authorities paralysed.

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