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How businesses affect the environment

If cities are to meet the Net Zero agenda, then there needs to be increased investment in environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Climate change is nothing new. Scientists have been warning about this threat for a long time. Every year, the serious deterioration of the environment, caused mainly by the exercise of industrial activities, is shown. So, the more difficult question is, what is the solution? Of course, “disappear the companies” is not an answer.

Companies play a vital role in this society. Thanks to them, people have access to better and more innovative products in the market. They have made people’s lives easier, in terms of food quality and other amenities. It should be noted however that some companies do not take into consideration the collateral effects they may have on the environment when they are producing their products. There is the problem and there is the challenge.

Pollution and global warming are the most serious consequences of industrial activity. This is why the promotion of sustainable enterprises is essential. In particular, these are pursuing the objective of promoting “the circular economy”. Unfortunately, this trend, which is often talked about but poorly understood, has not yet reached awareness among businesses. Nor in the mind of consumers, who also have a responsibility in this matter.

But why blame the consumer for all this? It is simple: when there is demand, there is supply. The consumer is therefore one of the agents of change. However, many of them are unaware of the gravity of the problem and the urgent need for a strong commitment to preserving the environment. Although it is an overused phrase, resources do clearly appear to be restricted or limited.

Most companies will always seek profitability. After all, it is part of the company’s purpose. But the question is, at what cost? In those situations, it is, sometimes, forgotten that a company forms part of an ecosystem. This is why it is necessary to act in the best way to sustain it over time. The focus should be to improve resource efficiency, especially in crucial economic sectors.

With the emergence of the coronavirus, businesses have had to adapt and change to remain competitive and sustainable. If not, think about how companies are changing. There is no denying the impact of the pandemic. It has undoubtedly marked a before and after in everyone’s life, including corporations. Many have already changed their business model from office-based to working from home or wherever the employee prefers. Home-working allows employers to use or build smaller offices that require less energy to construct and maintain.

That is not all! Thanks to technology, there are even companies that now only operate virtually. But what does this mean? A virtual company is an entity without a physical space of assigned work. For many companies, it no longer makes sense to maintain an establishment. Benefits for the company? Fewer costs. Benefits for the environment? Less pollution, less energy consumption.

Technology contributes great benefits to businesses. Improved revenue generation, and the capture of environmental benefits, can be achieved through it. This is why even companies in the entertainment sector have changed, as in the case of casinos. Play at the most well-established casino sites, such as those recommended by Casinos.co.za. Get your winnings quicker than at traditional casinos and use the most innovative and convenient banking methods for the fastest withdrawals. The site displays the software used by each operator, including their features, which may be briefly viewed, to help decide which operator best suits your needs. Indeed, it is just a matter of wanting to do better with actions that protect the environment.

But, is it necessary to wait for a pandemic to transform themselves and their products to serve a better world? Of course not. Maintaining the commitment to the planet and society should be the highest purpose of all companies, regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not. However, many times companies are reactive and only act when they are at risk.

It is true that for some companies it may be more complicated to change than for others, but there are several ways to lessen adverse impacts on the environment. For example, in the field of the management of waste. It is a matter in the first instance for the industry itself. Sadly, there are those who will mark their concern for this and others who will ignore.

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