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Top Lessons We Can Learn From Manchester City

Manchester City is an English football team that was somehow overlooked as a major-league club due to the massive success of its all-time main opponent Manchester United. However, everything changed when the Citizens got acquired by Sheikh Mansoor Zayed of Abu Dhabi.

The Sheikh threw a lot of money into the club and brought Pep Guardiola to shake things up and lead Manchester City into prominence. When the former manager of legendary teams like Barcelona and Bayern Munich joined the squad, platforms like EPL Sportsbet and similar websites immediately placed Manchester City on their radar, eagerly expecting the team’s transformation.

Although the change hasn’t occurred overnight, Manchester City has eventually won plenty of trophies and taught us a valuable life lesson.

If Your Goal Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Not Big Enough

When Pep Guardiola joined Manchester City, his goal was far from modest. In fact, it was pretty ambitious for the Citizens at the time — winning all four trophies. Although they didn’t obtain all four at the end of that season, they did bring two home, which was still a significant upgrade from the team Pep Guardiola took over. This teaches us that you need a big goal in order to stay motivated and hard-working.

Plan and Practice

Once you set that scary goal, the next step is developing a plan to accomplish it. This includes thinking about every tiny detail you need to take care of. First off, everyone should know what their job is and focus on doing it in the best possible way.

For instance, Manchester City players know that they have to train very hard to get better at what they do each day. Everyone on the team also has an assigned role — starting from medical care providers to managers in charge of equipment.

As for Pep Guardiola, his focus is on completing thorough research on the opposing teams, detecting their weaknesses, and coming up with a way for his team to come out as winners as many times as possible.

Make Smart Investments

Even with Pep Guardiola leading the team, Manchester City wouldn’t have been able to reach the top of the table without some crucial changes. That’s why the team’s CEO first invested in the basics and built a state-of-the-art training facility.

Then, the management consulted Pep regarding weak spots within the team and spent money on key players for the team to rely on. Finally, star footballers spent time on the field with the youth team and helped the youngsters learn a trick or two about big league matches.

In other words, you should think carefully about things in which you are investing your time and money. Once you’re done, go forward full-steam, and don’t look back.

Plans Won’t Always Work

No matter how good the manager is or how well-trained the players are, every football team faces problems that can significantly decrease their chances of succeeding. Manchester City has faced many issues on its path to glory, such as injuries that have kept top players away from the field for quite some time.

Still, Pep has never been one to back down from a fight, even in moments when he was up against the biggest rivals with a couple of his key players missing. He gives his best at all times, and it pays off in the end, which is something we should all remember in times of hardship.

Success Comes in Many Shapes and Forms

When you mention accomplishments to the management of any football team, you’ll most likely hear that they’re measured by the team’s ranking or profit amount. Yet, for Manchester City, success was more than that.

The Citizens have also developed a great atmosphere within the team and connected with their fans so their support during the matches would be louder. In the end, they have proved that doing anything in good faith with proper motivation brings a lot more to the table than fame and money.


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