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Zahara starts her first hair business

What started as compliments about her hair has turned into a business for South African musician Zahara.

She recently announced on social media that she would be launching hair products soon, called Zahara Country Girl.

Speaking to Business Report Online, Zahara said fans had always complimented her hair, so it felt natural to be involved in the hair product industry.

According to the musician, the hair care brand was her first business.

She said she was a 50% co-owner of the hair care range. She did not want to mention the company that she co-owns it with.

“They called me up while I was singing on stage and said they wanted us to do business and create a hair care range as I had beautiful hair. That is how the journey started,” Zahara said.

“This is my first baby and comes from me. I used natural ingredients, there are no chemicals in my products.”

She said she wanted to launch hair products that she identified with.

“The hair care products are for natural hair. I have never relaxed my hair. I have always used natural oils and warm water.”

She said the hair brand consists of shampoo, conditioner and afro oil.

While she did not want to reveal the retail price of the products, she said the range would be affordable to everyone.

Zahara said starting a business has been a difficult journey for her.

“It was not easy, but you have to wait for God’s timing. I persevered, and now we are here. I now have 46 stores that will carry the product. Working hard pays off.”

She said she hired a team to help her with the business.

“All I ask is for people to go and try the products. They will work.”

She said she has a perfume coming out soon, and she also sells sanitisers which are not part of the hair range.

Zahara said she would like to encourage people who want to start a business to go out there and do it.

“It’s not going to be easy, but you need to manifest what you were born to do. Whatever you have dreamed for yourself will come true,” she said.

Zahara said she was in studio working on a new album. — iol.

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