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9 Content Automation Tools to Replace Content Writers

Without a doubt, creativity is essential these days just like it has been before, yet content writers are forced to do more than just write. The reason for that is the use of various SEO tools and the constant adjustment of keywords and marketing trends to what has already been written. It makes the use of content automation essential to keep things under control and provide due analysis. Therefore, learning more about these tools will always pay off in the end!

9 Content Automation Tools to Replace Content Writers

  1. Wordsmith.

It is a content automation system at its best because it helps you to convert statistics and numbers into readable text. It is a great time-saver since it helps to keep things accurate as long as you input your data correctly. It also brings logic to keywords that you provide.

  1. Articoolo.

What makes it unique and human-like is starting with your scratch. You can either enter the list of keywords and expressions that you need or provide some complete sentences. This AI-powered system will catch up and will provide you with great ideas. When you need to promote your text abroad, however, it is better to think over things like localization or expert proofreading. Consider the best translator online option as it will make things more accurate. While most content automation tools are helpful, it is necessary to get extra help if you deal with more than one language.

  1. Quill.

This system is a bit cryptic as it may bring both excellent and not-so-good results, depending on your subject and style. It is good for those cases when you work with literary narration and social campaigns. It works just like a human brain, according to the software’s developers, which is partially true because it is always learning new tricks and remembers what you input.

  1. Article Forge.

It is more of a rewriting tool that uses content automation, which makes sense as it works with already existing content. If you want to add some SEO tricks and new keywords, it will implement them automatically without ruining the original meaning. While it is an expensive piece of software, it has an excellent WordPress integration that makes it worth it.

  1. Word AI.

It works in a little bit specific way because it does not need any pre-written sentences. It is sufficient to enter your list of words and ideas separated by commas and the software will turn them into readable text. Of course, your results may not always be what you expect to see. What makes it good is the list of features that let you make it more joyful or more serious, depending on what word filters you apply.

  1. Scoop.it

An interesting content automation tool focused on marketing. Scoopy, as it is lovingly called by SMM specialists, is unique because it searches a vast database of successful phrases and analyzes past marketing case studies. It will offer you more than one option for your task and will improve your text accordingly.

  1. Canva.

It includes numerous templates and helps you create interactive content for social media with the addition of images, videos, and even audio effects. It is a great tool that can help you liven things up a little bit. Take your time to study how it works because it is one of those content automation tools that do not take your human contribution away.

  1. TubeBuddy.

If you share video content on YouTube, do not miss this free tool! It works as a Chrome extension and provides you with special instruments that help you promote your content. The most important is that you don’t have to install anything and can receive suggestions simply as you browse through YouTube and create your titles and descriptions.

  1. Wordlife.

This WP SEO plugin works by analyzing your existing content and making you see what keywords are met more often than they should. It also checks readability and works with your content based on precise marketing needs. If you input several tags, it provides suggestions, making your article more relevant.

Proofreading is Still Necessary

Remember that even when you use various AI-based content tools to create blog titles or come up with marketing slogans for your next production work, it is still crucial to take time and proofread things twice. Before a question about automation comes up, it must be mentioned that automation is meant to help content creators save time and avoid all these challenges when one runs out of ideas or cannot find good synonyms to make the content unique. Still, machines cannot fully replace any human editor, which is why one must check readability and content itself by reading it aloud to make it more human.

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