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Would I Be Happier If Lucid Dreaming Came More Easily?

I have to admit that when I really began to understand lucid dreaming a couple of years ago, I thought it would be a quick ticket to paradise; a vehicle to quickly fulfill an impossible wish. Things started out well; I had my first lucid dream within four days of keeping a dream journal and beginning to read guides on YoruX! Was this beginner’s luck? This made me feel as though everything I had wanted was the next nap away. Heck, even during the course of my first lucid dream I remember thinking that since I was able to recognize the dream state, I would be able to snap my fingers and have a specific dream character appear out of thin air. I was very wrong about that! It actually ended up taking about 11 months for me to manifest an object, let alone a specific dream character.

After my first lucid dream, it was actually 4 weeks of total immersion before I had another. As time went on it became clear that having a specific wish fulfilled was not going to happen just like that, but instead of being disappointed, I found I was actually enjoying the process quite a bit. In some aspects, I compare lucid dreaming to video games, where you are recognized for your achievements level by level on the way to the top. If the game were too easy to win, it wouldn’t be much fun.

Fortunately, the game of lucid dreaming is never over. It is allows for infinite growth, and challenging variables on the way to new goals. The little victories like the first time I was able to save a dream on the brink of destruction…or the first time I entered a dream from the waking state are things to be celebrated, and are things I take pride in accomplishing even if my loftier goals are not yet fulfilled. I remember the first object that I manifested was a block of Swiss cheese. Although I’m sure that it isn’t high on anyone’s list of reasons to learn to lucid dream, I was excited for a week about that darn block of cheese!

For many today, the concept of patience or having to work for something is seen as a negative. Work is something to dread, and it seems we always want instant gratification. Unless you are a naturally gifted lucid dreamer, it takes a lot of effort to become proficient. As stated in www.luciddreamsnews.com article, I am not a natural, but owe my success to the effort I have put forth…and contrary to what I initially thought, I wouldn’t want it to come too easily. I found that I am learning things of value that I hadn’t intended nor expected to learn. Also, I don’t know if natural lucid dreamers can fully appreciate the satisfaction of overcoming challenges, and relishing over each new goal that was set and attained. Let me be clear that I don’t always enjoy getting up and out of bed after 5 hours of sleep to practice WBTB, but it really, really works for me, so I’ll gladly do it. I don’t really love typing out all of my dreams, but I sure enjoy going back and reading them.

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