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Kudos to our brave frontline workers

THIS week, a video of a specialist physician working in a red zone — Covid-19 hospital ward — went viral. The senior doctor made a four minute emotional plea for citizens to get vaccinated and present suspected cases for professional medical care on time.

Editor’s Memo

faith zaba

Almost chocking with emotions over how his beloved patients were losing the battle to the deadly Delta variant, the medical doctor tells a story about the horrors health workers endure on a daily basis.

It is not only doctors clad in personal protective clothing (PPE) manning the red zone, there are nurses and other notable professionals taking the unenviable risk.

Healthcare workers are on the frontline. It is more of a war-zone battlefront experience given the sheer number of deaths and severe illnesses in hospitals.

The battle at hand is a deadly third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading like veld fire with daily infections topping almost 3 000 at some days in recent weeks. It’s a grim picture. A dark cloud is over the nation. As of Wednesday, more than 91 000 people had been infected with the Covid-19 virus and over 2 800 had sadly succumbed to the novel virus which keeps mutating.

We are a nation and a world under anxious moments as the monstrous Covid-19 tears through society leaving a trail of trauma, be it among children or adults.

Almost everyone has lost an acquaintance — a friend, relative, someone in the community or professional colleague.

Covid-19 is causing billions of people around the world to experience emotional turmoil. Though many may not realise it, emotional trauma is already manifesting. The results are undesirable; mental and physical health effects in the long term, especially if it is not treated.

But as Covid-19 continues to take its toll, let us take a moment to pay tribute to the brave frontline workers, the pandemic heroes. Some of them have been infected while others died in line of duty.

We are talking about our health care workers, the nurses, doctors, workers at pharmacies, staff in mortuaries and funeral parlours, ambulance services and other emergency workers, who risk their lives and those of their families to take care of and sadly, at times bury victims of Covid-19.

Many of us cannot imagine what it has been for these men and women many who leave their families every day to battle the virus as the country remains in another lockdown.

In March 2021, the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic and for 16 months now, many of these frontline workers continue to wake up every day leaving their families to battle the virus. The stories that have been shared by many families are heart-warming, stories about how these individuals have comforted the families, worked long hours in hospitals some that have been overwhelmed by the numbers of Covid-19 victims.

While social media has been awash with heart-breaking stories of death and despair, a lot more have survived, in part because of the hard work of our health care workers. It is important to also share theses survivor stories with the same energy, to give hope at a time when we are all in despair.

Many Covid-19 victims who were hospitalised and others who have come back from the brink, have gotten back to their lives after being treated. These are some of the stories of triumph over adversity we would like to hear.

Today, as the Zimbabwe Independent, we would want to pay tribute to these unsung heroes. Thank you — from everyone at Alpha Media Holdings — for the sacrifices you make, every day and especially during this pandemic. Because of your dedication, commitment and courage you deserve our deepest gratitude.

To our readers, to express your appreciation and gratitude for these frontline heroes visit Twitter @Zimindependent and Facebook The Zimbabwe Independent & The Standard and use #thanksZimfrontliners to share encouraging words and thank you video notes. Let us stay safe, continue to social distance and mask up. Most importantly let us get vaccinated.

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