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Best ways to gamble online in Africa

A multitude of the world’s leading online gambling platforms has acknowledged Africa as a profitable and promising continent to spread their business in. Africa has become very welcoming to the whole online gambling industry and this is because of many reasons, including the compliance of African governments to regulate and legalize online gambling (gambling is legal in 40 of 54 African countries), affordability of smart devices, mobile internet, and continued economic growth of the whole continent. This article will reveal what are the best ways to gamble online in Africa for anyone interested, so let’s begin.

Online Based Casinos

To reach a higher player base, many online casinos accept players from foreign countries which also leads to bigger revenue. But even though these casinos allow players from various locations, they don’t accept players from those countries where online gambling is not regulated or even not permitted. So have this in mind before choosing an online casino. 

Another crucial thing to take into consideration about online casinos is their reputation, so find the most prominent and top-quality online casino to have the most solid possible online gambling experience. Researching before making an online casino choice is a necessity, but if you want to skip that and start playing right away, check out the list of the most upscale Casino Bros online casinos and choose the casino that meets every possible standard.

Play On The Go

Gone are the days where players had to sit for hours and use their personal computers at home to play online casino games. The technological progressions allowed anyone interested to play on the go, using devices like smartphones or tablets. The same thing applies to African players, thanks to the more reliable quality of infrastructure that allows stabler and better network traffic, so nowadays, gambling enthusiasts from Africa can gamble using smartphones just like people from other parts of the world. 

Essentially, there are two ways to achieve this: by using a dedicated online casino mobile app or a mobile-friendly webpage. Of course, playing using an app is a way better and more convenient option, so we recommend finding an online casino that offers an app that you can download. But even if you have to play using a mobile-friendly web page — don’t worry, they have improved drastically, even though they are less convenient than applications.

Sports Betting

If you aren’t a fan of casino games but would still want to experience the thrill of placing bets, you can do so by betting on your favourite sports online. As a matter of fact, this is one of the favourite choices of African gambling fans due to the popularity of sports on that continent. You can place bets on any team or individual athlete from around the globe, both live or before the match, and this is one of the reasons why sports betting is so appealing and enjoyable.

E-Sports Betting

Another interesting, but not that widespread choice, is placing bets on esports. Many online gambling platforms have acknowledged the increased popularity of e-sports and allowed their customers to bet on their preferred teams. Doing this isn’t different from betting on traditional sports, there are odds and you can wager on the team which you think will win the match. So if video games and esports are your things, perhaps you can profit from them by making bets online.


Although currently, online gambling is not that prevalent in Africa, it is perhaps the fastest-growing continent when it comes to the online gambling industry. And because of this, many online gambling platforms are spreading their business to Africa, so the situation will certainly change over time.

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