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Four Most Insane Comebacks in The NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs are underway, and even though we’re bracing ourselves for an incredible amount of action, we can’t help but look back at some of the most thrilling playoff comebacks in NHL history.

It’s only natural for everyone to look back at the Miracle on Manchester as one of the top instances of a dramatic comeback. But, you’ll also find that there are several other instances of unbelievable comebacks in recent times that deserve honorable mention.

Biggest Comebacks in NHL Playoff History

We’ll look at the top upsets that shook the National Hockey League; there’s always a sense of unpredictability when it comes to playoff games, and this has been true for the games below:

Miracle on Manchester (1982)

What is the biggest comeback in NHL playoff history? Let’s start with the number one comeback story that had everyone reeling. The Miracle on Manchester was an unprecedented comeback in the 1982 playoffs. But, of course, the favorites were the Wayne Gretzky-led Edmonton Oilers facing the Los Angeles Kings in the third of five playoff games.

At this stage, the two teams held a game apiece. The Kings were down 0-5 going into the third period; the Kings’ owner Jerry Buss left the game in the second period only to be jeered by the crowds. It appeared that all was but lost for the Kings, but then they turned it all around by scoring five goals and then scoring another goal in overtime to beat the Oilers 6-5.


Frenzy on Figueroa (2001)

Just when you were about to ask, “Has anyone come back from 3-0 NHL playoffs?” comes the resounding yes! One of the best NHL playoffs with 3-0 comebacks is when the Los Angeles Kings scored three goals in the third period against the Detroit Red Wings.

The goals forced overtime, and Eric Belanger scored the fourth goal to seal the deal in the fourth game. Similar to the Miracle on Manchester, this particular victory would become known as the Frenzy on Figueroa. The Kings would beat the Red Wings by claiming three out of the five games and moving on to the semifinals.

Maple Leafs vs. Bruins (2013)

What NHL teams have come back from 3-1? Well, it’s interesting that you ask, as we’ve got the answer right here. The Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs for the first time since 2004 and came back from a 3-1 series deficit against Boston.

During the seventh game, the teams had three victories each, and it all came down to the last game. The Bruins chipped away at Toronto’s 4-1 lead during the third period only to tie the game and defeat the Maple Leafs with a Todd Marchand overtime goal resulting in a score of 5-4 to progress to the second round.

Kings vs. Sharks (2014)

It certainly appears that the Los Angeles Kings have a knack for making comebacks, and this once again rang true in the first-round series of the 2014 NHL playoffs. The San Jose Sharks claimed the first three games, leaving the Kings to contend with a grim statistic that only three teams had come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a playoff series.

The Kings clawed back with two straight wins and equaled the series with a controversial goal in the sixth game. Then, Los Angeles wrapped up the seventh game with a 5-1 win and completed the historical series comeback. But that’s not where it ended – the Kings became the 2014 Stanley Cup Champions.

How To Bet on The NHL Playoffs

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Wrapping it up

Our list of the greatest NHL playoff comebacks is by no means comprehensive. However, there are so many other stand-out performances that you’re truly spoilt for choice in picking the biggest NHL playoff comeback. The odds of a playoff upset happening this season cannot be discounted as the top teams vie for the Stanley Cup.

The volatility of the NHL playoffs makes for excellent betting opportunities, especially if you have a firm grasp on the game at hand and incorporate proven strategies to give you an extra edge to bring home the win. So join a reputable sports betting site now to get in on the action!

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