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Why more sports clubs are joining the app revolution

Apps have become a popular tool in modern-day society. There is almost an app for everything these days, from recipe options to banking offerings to dating apps where we can swipe left or right. In terms of sport and the clubs, fans follow all over the world, apps have also started to make waves.

One look at the English Premier League highlights the impact apps can have on a sporting organisation. For example, Thomas Tuchel’s resurgent Chelsea have an app that aims to give fans unrivalled access to a wide range of content from the club. Chelsea isn’t alone either as football clubs around the world jump on board the app revolution in what is a chance to improve its brand reach and give fans more material to access in the process.

Thanks to the emergence of our sophisticated and powerful smartphone devices of today, these types of apps can thrive. Continual advancements in our miniature handheld devices mean fans can enjoy a range of different functionalities. Alongside taking high-quality images on vacation, using Google Maps to find the nearest cinema, and accessing games filled with gemstones like the Starburst slot game at a reputable ZA casino, our smartphone devices can host live matches, show highlights, purchase merchandise, post comments, and a whole lot more. Fans globally are certainly making the most of it, and clubs are reaping the rewards too.

Apps help clubs meet objectives

Many clubs turn to apps to help meet a variety of objectives. For example, Arsenal might want to increase the sales of its existing products or explore new revenue opportunities through advertising partnerships and sponsored elements within an app. The options are almost limitless as apps have the versatility needed to help clubs unlock a variety of beneficial processes.

For instance, apps might offer timely promotions or enable a fan to purchase a match day ticket far more easily than if they were to phone the ticket office up. Likewise, fans can push notifications and be notified on certain things that might interest them, be it the latest news, to gain access to a newly released kit, or even to renew a season ticket at the touch of a button.

Build a community

Fans, players and the clubs they support are arguably further apart than ever before. In order to help bring every aspect of a sports club together, apps are a fantastic option. Apps can help a sports team build on the community of fans it already has, as well as giving its loyal supporters the content they need. Not only does it help repay loyal supporters by giving them a first-class experience online but it enables them to feel like they’re being informed on every aspect of the club. If done correctly, sports clubs can grow a fanbase and increase revenues off the back of it.

Improve data  

Obtaining data from its fans can enable a sports team to change the way it operates if the data they gather suggests they should do so. If an app helps clubs to understand their fans’ habits, preferences, locations, mood and other useful bits of information, then it can only be a good thing. As a result, clubs can then maximise their results by matching the demands of their fans in the process. Not only is gathering this type of data beneficial to the club, but it ultimately enables fans to gain more from their team also, be it through partnerships with local organisations or special deals with big brands the club has managed to strike an agreement with.

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