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Developer invests heavily in Knowe upgrade


THE late real estate mogul Edward Nyanyiwa’s son, Edward Nyanyiwa Jnr, has moved to implement a High Court order which compelled his company, Eddies Pfugari (Pvt) Ltd to expedite the development of the upmarket residential area of Knowe in Norton.

The court had initially sentenced founder of the company Nyanyiwa, popularly known as Eddies Pfugari, to a civil imprisonment for failing to implement the order.

He however died soon afterwards and the Knowe Residents and Ratepayers Association made another application seeking to have the ruling effected on Edward Jnr who inherited the company.

The High Court dismissed the application.

The association then appealed at the Supreme Court and the case is yet to be finalised.

Notwithstanding, Eddies Pfugari (Pvt) Ltd is already on the ground paving roads in all Knowe’s four phases and laying the groundwork for the water and sewer reticulation system to be put in place.

“We are currently servicing Phase 1, we are maintaining roads and filling holes. As you know this year we had heavy rains and they damaged our roads. We will soon be paving roads in Phase 2, 3 and 4. This is an ongoing process that will take some time but we expect to finish before the end of the year,” Eddies Pfugari (Pvt) Ltd projects manager Stanley Banda said.

In an interview yesterday, Eddies Pfugari Jnr said he is being forced to repeat the work his father once did because of a major dispute with his siblings over his father’s estate.

He said his father had actually obtained compliance documents showing all the works were approved by council but they have gone missing.

“As the managing director of the company (Eddie’s Pfugari Pvt Ltd) I am disappointed to repeat the work that my father already did because of family fighting. The documents showing the compliance were among the documents stolen in the office, therefore I couldn’t prove to the Norton town council or either the Knowe residents,” he said.

“But I am ready to comply with court order as well as further my development obligations as Knowe developer,” he added.

Knowe residents said they were happy to see development works being undertaken.

“They are doing a lot of work. There are caterpillars and bulldozers working round the clock servicing the area,” said forty-three year Gift Mukono, adding: “I hope Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority will soon come to the party and avail electricity.”

Another resident Karikoga Munemo said: “We are glad that the land developer has decided to spring into action. We know that there has been friction between them and the town authorities but as residents we prefer the land developers to develop our residence because once this work is entrusted into the hands of the town council, that’s the end of the story.”

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