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Can You Use Bitcoin For Anything Other Than Making A Profit?

Even though Bitcoin has tons of advantages over the regular payment methods and makes them look extremely obsolete, this cryptocurrency is mainly used for making money. There are countless stories of how trading with Bitcoin changed the lives of many people from around the world.

While we are going to take a look at the process of making money with Bitcoin, we wanted to focus on something other than that today. We’ll be taking a look at Bitcoin as a payment method and name a few products and/or services that you can purchase with this cryptocurrency. So, without any further ado, let’s begin breaking down the details.

How Do People Make Money With Bitcoin

Some statistics have shown that there are as many as 100,000 millionaires in the world who managed to make their fortune by trading with Bitcoin. Their success, combined with the fact that Bitcoin is valued at more than $55,000 as of April 2021, is more than a reason why people want to join the network and start trading with this cryptocurrency.

After they sign up and earn their Bitcoins, which is mostly done by mining them, they turn to trading sites to sell their assets. All you have to do to gain access to their services is register and choose a payment method through which you will have to deposit money.

Keep in mind that when choosing a method and depositing money, you may be asked to provide the trading site with a valid identification that comes in the form of an ID, driver’s license, or passport. After that, trustworthy platforms such as Bitcoin Code will do everything that they can to help you maximize your profits. This site has a very solid profitability rate, which is why thousands of people from around the world use its services daily.

Now that we’ve gotten that figured out, let’s see what types of products and services you can purchase with this cryptocurrency.

Book Your Next Vacation

Expedia is the world’s largest online travel agency and one of the earliest supporters of Bitcoin. They integrated this cryptocurrency back in 2013 and thanks to their global reach, you can use Bitcoin to book over 700,000 hotels in almost every country in the world.

To make things even sweeter, Expedia are currently working on making it possible for their customers to even pay for flights with Bitcoin.

Buy Products From The Biggest Tech Conglomerate

Microsoft is the biggest tech company in the world. Its owner, Bill Gates, has stated that he supports Bitcoin and everything that this cryptocurrency stands for. With that being said, it did not take long before Microsoft integrated Bitcoin into their system.

Thanks to their support, you can now purchase various products from this tech conglomerate. If you are into entertainment and gaming, you can use Bitcoins to buy the latest Xbox.

Purchase The Best Electric Car

Lastly, we wanted to mention the latest global brand that joined the bandwagon. Back in February 2021, Tesla announced that they invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin. Not only did they help Bitcoin break the $50,000 mark, but the automotive company managed to net $1 billion in profits shortly after making their investment.

They also announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their vehicles.

Other Global Brands That Accept Bitcoin

There are several other honourable mentions that we couldn’t ignore on this list. So, some other popular businesses that are known for accepting Bitcoin payments are Starbucks, Wikipedia, Overstock, Shopify, AT&T, and Home Depot. All of these companies recognize the advantages that Bitcoin has as a payment method, which is why they decided to accept it.

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