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Polad should unite the country: IPD

THE Ideas Party for Democracy has urged the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) to discuss issues that unite the country and create an environment that attracts foreign direct investment in the country.

Speaking ahead of his 42nd birthday celebrations on May 5, IPD president, Hebert Chimuka said Polad should take advantage of their meetings with the sitting President Emmerson Mnangagwa to discuss issues that will benefit Zimbabweans and revive the economy.

“We do not expect Polad members to enjoy sleeping in hotels and eating with President Mnangagwa and forget while they are meeting with him in the first place.  I have friends in Polad who were showing me the hotels they are sleeping in and the food they are eating, but at the end of the day there is nothing to show that is positive for the country to progress,” he said.

“Does it mean Polad members are there for food only and being tourists? Soon they will be promised cars and forget their mandate. Their agenda and objective is to advise the government of political, social and economic issues that need attention in Zimbabwe so that jobs are created, children attend schools regularly and our currency will be strong,” Chimuka said.

Polad is a dialogue platform created by President Emmerson Mnangagwa following calls for the need for dialogue with the opposition to find solutions for the country’s problems. The platform was launched on 17 May 2019.

A total of 17 leaders of political parties that contested in the July 2018 elections joined the dialogue but the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change refused to join, referring to Polad as not a true dialogue platform.

He said IPD was urging the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to allow its party members to hold nationwide birthday celebrations for him on May 5.

“We urged the police not to arrest any IPD members celebrating my birthday on the streets as it will be above board after seeking necessary approvals.  The celebrations are not meant to destabilize the country or the sitting president but a celebration of my life. ZRP are welcome if they want to join the celebrations,” Chimuka who has been IPD president for the past three years said.

“I am grateful to all IPD supporters, members and leadership. It is not easy to be a member of the opposition in Zimbabwe, especially as a leader. We all know what used to happen to the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. We thought it was easy. It is not, but we will soldier on,” he said.

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