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New Generation Credit Card to Give you Bitcoins Instead of Airline Points

As we see, the new generation of credit cards is coming into the market this year, and it has something interesting to offer. Instead of offering you the rewards points to get your airline tickets or hotel bills, it is going to be converted into bitcoin assets. Well, collecting airlines or hotel points seemed to be an old idea now as the modern-day credit plans to embark upon with bitcoin as points with every purchase you make using the same. There are a number of Fintech-based companies that are now giving you points to create your digital-based assets. Using credit cards, front these companies are now giving you options to enjoy with every purchase you make. There are several sales pitches found with every other credit card user that is seen giving a huge investment option with the help of the assets coming with 200 percent in the coming years.

There are several users who are seen adding up the six months choice when it comes to using the percentage of the purchases to be made with their cards. As per Will Reeves, CEO of the company Fold Inc, one can find debit cards with several plans, and similar is the story of credit cards that come along with their specific plans. However, the new generation-based Credit Card released this year will have the option to enjoy a good time together for people wanting to gain in terms of bitcoin. The company employs a specific kind of percentage that comes in the form of bitcoin. There are several lucky consumers who could win the chances of gaining hugely in the industry that comes to around 100 percent in the coming days. However, the programs that remain around it come up with three percent back as rewards. One can find Chase Freedom coming up with the unlimited card option, which offers similar sorts of solutions.

The average rate of the company comes to around 8.5 percent when we compare the rapid recognition of Bitcoin in the market as per Bitcoin Freedom. One gained huge money of around 25USD that helped in gaining ten years of the cost. With the constant growth in bitcoin, one can even see a rise of the technology that works behind it that is called blockchain technology.  One can find a new generation of credit card companies that are seen coming up with the backgrounds of different aspects that are seen in digital currency as seen in bitcoin rewards that come along with the usage of credit cards.  The experts feel that in order to attract more and more consumers towards the new generation of credit cards, the companies should give good offers for bitcoin rewards. Thus once people would see valuable rewards coming, they would have a much valuable option to choose from.

Also, with the recent surge of the pandemic in and around the world, we can use the travel restrictions that have even hampered the consumers in using their cards in booking the tickets. Thus even if they gain the points to redeem over any airline booking or hotel booking, with travel restrictions in the place, things would be difficult for many people for sure. In other words, we see no use of the points secured as rewards by the Credit Card users, and thus Fintech companies’ idea of coming up with credit cards giving bitcoin-based awards would be a lucrative option to attract consumers all across the world. There are many companies and groups that are seen coming up with the idea of moving things in the right direction.

One of the companies that are seen taking up the initiative is BlockFi by Castle Island, which specifically deals in digital currency and intends to give bitcoin-based rewards to its customers this year. The Fintech company backed by Visa is certainly going to give the consumers a good rate of bitcoin on every next purchase apart from the other perks that come with the transaction. The moment the company announced the same, within just a few hours, more than 10K signed the same, and so far, they have more than 100K people signing up the deal. With this, the company now claims that Bitcoin has become a more lucrative option as compared to the other rewards, which attract many people to sign up for this new age credit card deal.

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