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Why do people still consider cryptocurrency fake?

When you take a deep look, you may observe that blockchain technology is leading behind cryptocurrency and all other virtual currencies. Where cryptocurrency has benefited the whole world with its ultimate golden features, it caused some troubles.

To make a long story short, like all other things, cryptocurrency also possesses two sides. One is the beneficial side, while the other is the dangerous one. Due to this, some people still focus only on the downside of cryptocurrency instead of its significant benefits. Along with cryptocurrency, many trading platforms such as BitQZ provide many services related to cryptocurrency tradings.

There are a lot of traders in the crypto market who still consider cryptocurrency as fake. There are several reasons which describe why people think of it as fake. We have analyzed and spelled out all the views for you to understand the logic behind them.

Reasons why people still think cryptocurrency fake

Many unaware people entirely consider cryptocurrency a fake platform. Here are the reasons discussed below:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Transparency of the crypto world
  • Limited currencies
  • Fraudulent activities
  1. Lack of knowledge

Although cryptocurrency is well familiar and well recognized among the traders, some traders do not possess the proper cryptocurrency knowledge. Some cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, are limited; people do not bother to pay heed to the cryptocurrencies. So they do not gather the required information about this virtual currency. Due to a lack of knowledge, people do not switch to cryptocurrency and consider it fake.

  1. 2. Transparency of the crypto world

Most of the world’s traders consider the transparency in the crypto world a significant boon, and some other people get it fake. Traditionally, anything involving money trading (buying and selling) is kept secret and is not publicly announced. However, in the case of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is well recognized among most people. People find it difficult to understand blockchain technology, and due to transparency, they know what is going on in the crypto world. So people find out the transparency of the crypto world a doubtful factor.

  1. Limited currencies

In the customary financial market, there are a lot of options for trading and stocks. It is not limited at all, and almost everyone can easily invest in it and can afford it without any problem. But this is not the case with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin does not possess several excellent options in currencies. If you look at Bitcoin technology, you would probably know that the currencies mined and invested in bitcoin are limited. Not every trader can have access to those currencies. And most of the people can’t even afford it. Hence, this limitation of cryptocurrency provokes people to consider it a fake.

  1. Fraudulent activities

Although cryptocurrency struggled a lot in making people’s lives much easier by providing countless services, people still think it to be cake. Another reason behind this activity is the fraudulent activities and online scams associated with it. Most people believe that it is a platform whose scam ratio is the highest in the market. This leads to the wrong idea for people who do not understand it thoroughly.


The world is full of crypto users and traders; some people still think of it as a fake platform due to its drawbacks and digital nature. Well, this is not true. Cryptocurrency has benefited the world with its ultimate services, and not only this, and it has regulated the economy of several underdeveloped countries to a great extent. So, it is wise if people consider it as a genuine platform rather than a fake one.

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