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Exploring the diversity of Africa in 2021

There are typical safari hotspots alongside quite a few less visited and off the beaten countries and destinations to showcase the best of what Africa has to offer. Think wild animals, millennia old cultures and tribes, incredible landscapes, impressive waterfalls, epic road trips and beautiful beaches.


a beautiful small country in southeastern Africa and a great destination if you want some off-the-beaten-path variety when you travel.

Two small wildlife parks in the south — Liwonde and Majete — are relatively accessible and should satisfy your safari fantasies. At Liwonde, you can take a boat safari for a unique experience. At Majete, the “Big Five” animals have been reintroduced so successfully that whole elephant herds have had to be moved to another park, Nkhotakota, further north.

One of the favourite wildlife parks, though, is in the far north — Nyika. There you will see zebras and a range of antelope and bird species among gorgeous rolling hills that resemble the Scottish Highlands. While you are in the north, stop by the charming town of Livingstonia to get a taste of Malawi’s English colonial history.

Lake Malawi, lined with white-sand beaches, is Malawi’s other major attraction. The third largest lake in Africa, its deep, clear water is safe for swimming. Go snorkeling to see the colourful mouth-breeding cichlids that live nowhere else, or enjoy a range of other watersports.

Malawi has huge potential. Infrastructure can be substandard, but the beauty of its landscapes and its interesting cultures more than make up for that.


one of the smallest countries in Africa,  but packed with things to do by land and by sea.  Most trips start in the capital of Djibouti City, an interesting place to check out the markets and eat international foods such as Yemeni oven baked fish and bread.

A must-do activity is a two-day jeep trip to the Mars-like terrain of Lake Abbe and overnight stay in the nomad encampment.  You will see an oasis, nomadic villages, and wildlife on the way.  Before returning to the city you can float in Lake Assal, a stunning lake that is saltier than the Dead Sea and the second lowest place on earth.

By sea, there are excellent scuba and snorkel opportunities in the Gulf of Tadjoura. In the winter, whale sharks can be seen by snorkel and scuba expedition. There are a few liveaboards for scuba diving and Djibouti is home to one of only two places in the world, where it is possible to dive between tectonic plates.

The best time to visit is from November-February, as summer can be incredibly hot and humid.


Mozambique is one of the most amazing off-the-beaten-path countries. The country has a gorgeous coastline, friendly people and amazing food. Head to Tofo for surfing, swimming with manta rays and whale sharks, amazing scuba diving, and some amazing beach bungalows right on the sand. Just up the coast a bit more, visit Vilanculos with amazing sand bars that appear during the day creating a layered look of baby blue water and white sands — It is simply stunning and it is not a tourist favourite by any means, so it is still raw, gorgeous and somewhat untouched by tourism.


one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania — the highest mountain in Africa, to the incredible white sand beaches of the Zanzibar archipelago or the amazing African plains of the Serengeti National Park, where a million wildebeest migrate annually — you can even take a hot air balloon ride above the park!

There is also the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area, famous for its Big Five, access to Lake Victoria — one of Africa’s Great Lakes,  and some amazing African towns and cities that are packed with culture and give you a taste of African life, including Arusha and Stone Town Zanzibar. It is simply one of the best places to visit.


While most tourism destinations in Kenya are based in the southern part (such as the beautiful Masai Mara & Maasai Mara National Reserve, Diani Beach and Amboseli National Park), the northern part of the country is a rather untouched and wild place.

It is very sparsely populated and infrastructure is rudimentary, but offers some of the most stunning landscape.

Take the town Nanyuki as your base and head up north into the Samburu National Reserve, home to the wild and remote Samburu tribe. You can hike to the top of holy Mount Ololokwe, offering breathtaking views on the vast and dry landscape of Kenya. Another destination worth visiting in the northern part of the country is Lamu Island, close to the border of Somalia, but easily reached by plane.

The busy streets of Lamu Town — one of the oldest towns of the world — make you travel back in time. The southern tip of the island is almost deserted besides some remote resorts (such as lovely Kizingo), where you will have the beautiful beach all for yourself.

Not many tourists make it up to the northern part of Kenya — but those who do get rewarded with a unique experience. Zambia

One of the best places to travel in Africa is South Luangwa National Park. Going on safari is super cool. What is decidedly uncool is having to deal with the armies of jeeps and hordes of tourists in the big parks that sometimes make it feel more like a theme park, with little care for the wildlife you are there to see.

But there is a place off the beaten tourist track, without the camo-crowds, where you can still see Africa like Attenborough — South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. It’s one of the best places to travel in Africa.

Choose between dawn and dusk game drives, where you will witness an epic African sunrise or sunset and an abundance of wildlife unmatched in most African national parks. Expect to see many leopards (the park is famous for its leopard population), along with every kind of game, lions, elephants, the rare Thornicroft giraffe, hippos, vervet monkeys, crocodiles, and cape buffaloes.

South Luangwa River and National Park is one of the only places in Africa which allow real walking through the wild savannah, where lions and leopards roam in the morning light’ style safaris. This is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. — maketimetoseetheworld.com

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