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Defecting to Zanu-PF is betrayal of the struggle: IPD president

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Ideas Part of Democracy president Herbert Chamuka (IPD) said he is appalled by former MDC Alliance and MDC members who are jostling to joining Zanu-PF.

Chamuka said even is the whole of MDC-T structure and leadership are to defect to Zanu-PF, the ruling party will never change its systems.

“It means all this while MDC guys were lying to the whole country, selling them lies that they are going to change the governance structure of this country by removing Zanu-PF yet they are the same people,” he said.

He added that defecting to Zanu-PF is a great betrayal to the generality of Zimbabwe sho had hope that things are going to be changed by MDC.

“What it means is that MDC and its leaders sold a dummy to the people. They vowed never to associate with Zanu-PF but things have changed. It simply means Morgan Tsvangirai died with his party and what is left are people who are not truthful to the cause,” Chamuka said.

Chamuka said more opposition parties are needed in Zimbabwe to challenge Zanu-PF and Mnangagwa.

“If we all join one political party, who will challenge Mnangagwa,” he queried.
He said it’s time for opposition parties to stand up and take advantage of an inclusive environment created by Mnangagwa allowing more political parties to participate in politics.

“We need to unite and help Zimbabwe, we should actually be involved in dialogue not joining Zanu-PF. Zimbabwe needs to move forward and political parties should have integrity.

Chamuka said IPD is due for virtual elections to select party leadership. IPD will hold virtual public interviews for candidates to promote transparency in the election process.

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