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Saving wildlife with every sip of coffee

Coffee4Conservation (C4C) is an organisation established in 2020 during the pandemic, which gives 10% of all coffee and merchandise sales towards conservation projects.

I for one am sold on this project – firstly I love coffee, or am I addicted, either way coffee is very much part of my life and so is my love of nature and especially the wilds of Africa.

This just seems like a “win-win” using this method every time I enjoy a cup of coffee I will be giving something towards the efforts of conservation organisations in the field.

My one concern was whether the coffee provided by C4C would meet my expectations, so I met with Sean Bell to understand a little more about how it works.

I was delighted to hear that they are as selective with their coffee as they are with the people and organisations that they support.

Sean explained more: Our vision is: “To create quality relationships with safari camps, lodges and individuals throughout Africa. By formulating these partnerships we can assist in various conservation projects, to protect and preserve our wildlife for current and future generations.”


At C4C we are more than just another coffee brand: “We are coffee with a cause.” C4C has three main product lines branded around three of the most endangered, yet loved animals on the continent, these are:

The Pangolin light roast: A refreshing versatile coffee that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, all day long.

This roast is light, bright and fruity with a tinge of citrus;

The Painted wolf medium roast: An optimum to dark roast is easy to fall in love with.  A full bodied, smooth silky roast abounding with chocolate and cocoa undertones with no bitter aftertaste; and

The Rhino dark roast: This roast accentuates the colourful flavours of premium cocoa followed with crunchy nutty undertones and a caramel after taste.

C4C has partnered with one of South Africa’s finest roasters to ensure that the product you are drinking is as quality at the cause it’s attached to and the camp/lodge it supplies.


We are also privileged to not only have three of the finest roasts on the market but two of the finest Zimbabwean sportsmen on the market — two gentlemen who represent their country and continent on the global sports stage and also the C4C product and cause.

We are delighted that Craig Ervine (cricket) and Scott Vincent (golf) have agreed are part of our journey and part of #teamC4C Plans for the future

New product

In 2021, C4C released their “25g plunger pack” targeted to suit the “in room” coffee needs of your guests. With bags that are both eco-friendly and classy in design these have been a popular choice amongst lodge owners.

The bags come across all three roast lines and can be ordered as a hybrid design with your lodge logo encompassed on packs.

This month C4C shall be releasing their eco-friendly “pod pack” as alternative product offering for those lodges with a machine based coffee alternative in their rooms.

And our “ranger” bracelet line, focused around showcasing and giving back to the real frontline conservation heroes, protecting our wildlife on a daily basis.

You can also visit their Instagram page to view the “ranger bracelet” information card which will accompany each purchase or alternatively follow them on Facebook or e-mail (info@coffee4conservation.africa).

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