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Can you build a house on wetlands? wetlands?forbuilding your own home

Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems and also play an integral role in the ecology of the watershed.
In fact, wetlands are so important that there is even a World Wetlands Day!
Filling in wetlands may also have negative consequences for property owners in the surrounding area as the water contained by the wetland will need to go somewhere else.
Even if you’re new to land investing, you may have already heard that wetlands are a reason to be cautious about vacant land.
While it is possible to build on some wetlands, there are obstacles that will stand in your way.
Even if you can build, maintenance will be significant.
You can build on wetlands as long as they’re not jurisdictional, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be fighting an uphill battle.
When wetlands are filled, the water that makes them wet has to go somewhere.
If you’re building on these lands, you have to consider that your home or business may be damaged by this water.
As a property owner, you could spend a great deal of time and money repairing this.
Rather than investing in wetlands, you may consider a different type of property with lower maintenance.
If you’re looking to invest in a parcel with wetlands, you shouldn’t go into the process blind.
There are risks associated with this purchase.
Before purchasing a property, hire a professional to determine if you have wetlands on your property
Wetlands professionals are hired to identify and delineate wetlands.
In general, landowners or developers will hire someone when they want to build on wetlands.
There are no government-approved programs that certify individuals for this work.
However, a person in this field will typically have professional experience and comprehensive training on wetlands issues.
You should look for someone who has performed wetland delineations, assessed wetland functions and values, analysed wetland impacts, and recommended and designed wetland mitigation projects.
To find a wetland professional, you can search the phone book or look online for environmental services.
You may also consider contacting your local government planning office and asking for a list of professionals in the area.
It is advisable to hire a professional because the wetland consultant will likely have deep knowledge of wetlands in the area and be able to recommend a suitable course of action.
Here are a few items to consider as you begin looking for wetland professionals:
Has the individual had additional training or expertise in related fields? Some you may consider are ecology, botany, social science, hydrology, etc.
Is the individual familiar with local, state, and federal wetland regulations?
Does the individual have training or experience in the use of the 1987 Corps of Engineers wetland delineation manual? What about the appropriate regional supplement?
How long has the individual been in this field and doing wetlands work?
Who were some of the individual’s past clients? Do they have any references, reviews, or testimonials they can provide to you?
If you’re considering a consulting firm, find out exactly who you’d be working with.
How much will the individual charge for their services? How does this compare to others in the area?— gokcecapital.com.

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