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How to trade Bitcoin?

The trading of premier cryptocurrency is very straightforward. The buying and selling of this premier cryptocurrency are extremely straightforward once you get used to trading the same frequency. The volatility in the history of bitcoins brings a lot of traders and the interest of media in its ecosystem.

Why should one trade Bitcoin?

The several features of trading in Bitcoin make it unique and exciting. By learning the bitcoin trading, you can download https://1k-dailyprofit.software

Bitcoin is Not Fiat

Bitcoin is not a currency that is controlled by one single currency, therefore not a fiat currency. Therefore the price of Bitcoin reacts not only to the policies of any single currently but upon a lot of events simultaneously.

Reviewing some of the events that have affected Bitcoin’s price over some last years:

  • Brexit

Insane demand was observed at a trading platform based in New Jersey when the UK took the decision to opt-out of the European Union.

  • India’s Demonetization

Bitcoin’s price went from $757 to $1,020 on India’s one leading exchanges after the declaration of demonetization by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • Trump’s Election

Right after Trump won the US Presidency, there was a fall in the markets. Similar to this, there was a loss of USD 30 billion in Australian markets.

From these cases, the conclusion can be drawn that people invest more in Bitcoin when there is instability in the markets and obstacles facing up the fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is open 24/7

Unlike the stock markets that operate based on the working hours of their specific country, Bitcoin is open for trading 25/7. The Bitcoin can be purchased on hundreds of such exchanges across the world, operating 24/7.

Bitcoin is Volatile

The movements in prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are rapid and frequent that helps the traders to make quick bucks easily.

How does Bitcoin work?

It would be best if you always researched knowing the mechanism of how an asset works before investing in the asset. The mechanism of crypto is discussed below:

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin powered by using blockchain technology was produced by a programmer with having pseudonym that goes by “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

The cluster of computers that manages the data record of the time-stamped series of transactions that cannot be tampered with is blockchain. This is not owned or controlled by one single entity.  These data blocks are secured and connected to each other through the chain, i.e., cryptographic principles.

How Do Transactions Work?

A key feature of Bitcoin is that there is no requirement to go to the bank to carry out a transaction. It can all be managed through public-key cryptography.

There are mathematically derived private key and a public address provided to each Bitcoin user. The Bitcoins are sent to your public address, which is like their account number. And you can send Bitcoins using your private key that is like a PIN code, to anyone.

The two plain observations made through this are:

  • The public address should be revealed to everyone.
  • The private key should not be told to anyone.

The Gateway to Cryptos: Exchanges

In the ecosystem of crypto, the most significant functions are served by the exchanges. The cryptocurrency exchanges are similar to the stock exchanges, just focusing on the cryptocurrency token other than the stock trades done by the stock exchanges. Basically, the purchase and sale transaction of a cryptocurrency asset is done on the crypto exchange.

The crypto exchanges are divided into two forms:

  • Fiat to crypto exchanges
  • Crypto to crypto exchanges


Cryptocurrencies can be brought in exchange for Fiat money through these exchanges. Fiat-to-crypto exchanges are beginner-friendly exchanges.


The cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, and BCH, etc., can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies through these forms of exchanges. These forms of exchange are designed for more experienced traders and not for beginners.

All the crypto exchanges enter into a huge amount of transactions in terms of money on a regular basis. The Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges based on the transaction volume are BitMax, FCoin, Bithumb, Binance, Bit-Z.

The accepted payment methods for carrying out transactions in Bitcoin include the following: Flexipin Vouchers, Interac online, Bank wire, Interac e-Transfer, and Express Interac e-Transfer.

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