101 guides to bitcoin trading and profit making

Plenty of people do trade in bitcoins but several others prefer investing in bitcoins. Let us tell you that trading in bitcoins Is far by the beneficial thing as compare to theInvesting. Before you start with basic details regarding bitcoin trading, let us tell you that what exactly is bitcoin trading. First of all, let us tell you that bitcoin trading is nothing else but buying and selling the bitcoins in short term. This basically refers to earning short-term profits by earning and selling the bitcoins when the price rises.

On the contrary, when it comes to investing, investment refers to buying and keeping the bitcoins for a long-term. This is the thing which makes investing and trading completely different from each other and you should know the difference before you start trading in bitcoins. Coming to the basics, it is also very necessary that you know about bitcoins as well. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to tell about the basic details regarding bitcoin.


Let us begin from the basic.Have you ever heard about cryptocurrency? If yes it is very good and if not it is still okay. Let us tell you that crypto currencies are online currencies that are traded over the internet-based websites. There is no physical existence of these currencies and you do not have to go anywhere in order to trade in them. You can trade in the crypto currencies like bitcoin whenever you want and from where ever you want. You just need advice and an active internet connection in  it.

As a beginner to the bitcoin trading, it is very necessary for you to know about how to start. If you do not even know about what should I begin to do in order to trade in the bitcoins, you may not be able to earn profit at all. You are going to do it the right way without fulfilling the necessities of the trade and you may end up losing your money. For, in the forthcoming information, we are going to tell you about what is the right way of beginning with the bitcoin trading.

What a beginner should do?

Many people will tell you that you do not have to do anything in order to trade in the bitcoins. You can simply buy them and sell them in the tradition but this is not the right way. There are a lot of things that you should know before you start reading and we are going to tell about them in the forthcoming points.

  1. The very first step that you have to follow in order to start with bitcoin trading is opening an account on the bitcoin exchange.It is very necessary that you choose a perfect bitcoin exchange by doing complete evaluation of the necessary factors. Do not be fooled by advertisements and do your research before you choose a bitcoin trading exchange for making profits.
  2. The second step that you have to follow for trading in the bitcoin is a verifying your identity. After you have followed the process of opening an account on the bitcoin exchange, you need to verify who you are. Make sure to provide your personal information details so that you can get verified.
  3. After you have verified yourself, the next step that you have to follow is depositing money to your account. You might be thinking that you will simply buy the bitcoins but that is not true at all. First of all, you will have to deposit money to your account and then only you will be able to buy bitcoins with that.
  4. After you have followed the above steps, you are now ready to open your first position on the exchange.This highly preferred that you do not buy high number of bitcoins in the beginning and start low key.

More importantly, you need to follow the above given steps and you will be all set to trade in the bitcoins. In the beginning, making profit is going to be a little difficult for you but once you are into it, you will be able to make huge amounts of money just by trading bitcoins on a daily basis and you can do it on Bitcoin Compass.