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Investing in eco-friendly environment


Land development is a sustainable long-term goal that makes it possible for people to invest, build their community and put in place a pattern that the planet becomes a place where life can flourish without any hindrance.

Through land development, people can meet and maintain their needs (these include water, sewer and other utilities the authority deem necessary or desirable to prepare such land primarily for residential housing construction), without compromising the future of the generations that are to follow because the land also belongs to the future.

West Property Company’s mixed-use developments meet the current needs of its clients without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the legacy of our footprint.

Our offerings stem from the fact that all the current developments in Harare, namely Gunhill Rise Estate (sold out), Pokugara Residential Estate and Millennium Heights (currently selling), are located in areas that automatically give value merely by being located in the prime suburbs of Gunhill and Borrowdale respectively.

Market strategy is often the first focus point, with the main drivers being the strategy that the property developer is seeking to achieve long-term, as well as focus on the target market for the end product be it a stand, home, or commercial property for rental or outright sale.

Identification and acquisition of an appropriate and suitable property follows this step and although seemingly a straight forward process, it may be fraught with many legal challenges, so it is imperative that the suitability of the property is assessed before a purchase decision to ensure zoning and development proposals are in line with the municipal town planning scheme that is operative for the subject location, as well as the proximity of the site to bulk infrastructure services.

As per statutory requirements, when a land developer has completed land development in terms of relevant checklist required by the local authority, a certificate of compliance is then issued. This certificate makes it possible legally to transfer ownership to buyer and or for occupation or commencement of construction by prospective owner. An agreement of sale is entered between two parties for legitimacy. This is done to avoid fraud cases, whereby people are defrauding home seekers through bogus property developers.

Owning an immovable property or property investment is an unquenchable thirst for many people. People generally consider acquiring properties to secure their long-term investments. Suze Orman quotes, “Owning a home is a keystone of wealth both financial affluence and emotional security.”

West Prop provides the turnkey solution to sustainable property investments, be it for a first-time buyer or adding to an existing property portfolio, thereby providing an emotional security to our clients.

Land development also refers to investments making land more usable by humans. Home building is the most common type of land development; people always have and will always need shelter, meaning that land development through building homes is a necessity to human beings because it is very unlikely that the need for shelter will ever go away.

Eric Thomas points out that, “One cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of their life, at some point, they have to unleash the potential and make a move.”

This will only be achievable through transformation of land and settlement patterns by keeping up with global town planning practices and its resultant on the environment.

Our mission is to delight our customers with the latest sustainable innovation incorporating modern designs in our residential and commercial offerings in Zimbabwe.

To this end, West Prop wants to leave a beneficial legacy that has positive environmental impact and a return on investment to all Zimbabweans.

West Prop Zimbabwe is working towards Zimbabwe’s bright future in line with Vision 2030.

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