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GroWealth booklet: Unit Trust guide for investors

THE GroWealth Guide Unit Trusts booklet was recently launched as part of a broad initiative to promote the development of the unit trust sector surpassing industry activity of the 1990s, reintroduce unit trusts to the public and to support investor education.

The booklet will contain relevant information on fund groupings, minimum investment amount and period, bid offer prices, historical performance of unit trusts, a market report showing brief summaries of the performance of different capital markets and fund manager profiles that will assist the market in investment decision making.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (Secz) spearheaded the GroWealth initiative, in collaboration with the Investor Protection Fund (IPF) and the Association of Investment Managers of Zimbabwe (AIMZ).

Guest of honour at the unveiling of the GroWealth Unit Trust Guide, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube, commended the industry wide collaboration which he viewed as not only benefitting investment managers by showcasing their funds, but also playing a significant role in helping the government achieve its goal of financial inclusion by attracting individual investors to invest in capital markets and building wealth in the long run.
Prof. Ncube further said he believes the aim of the publication is to restore confidence in the investment industry.

The launch of GroWealth forms part of the greater investor education initiative and shows the importance and appeal of an informed public with the means to release some funds to place investment in safe and sustainable investments.

Intellego, a licensed investment advisory firm, as the central coordinating point of information, analysed data from the sector and turned this analysis into a publication in order to supply investors with objective, accurate and relevant information about this type of investment.

AIMZ secured the partnership with Intellego to ensure that accurate and relevant unit trusts information is published on a regular basis.

AIMZ Chairperson Jubelah Magutakuona highlighted that as the investment management industry, particularly, the unit trust market they were excited when Secz reached out to them about partnering in re-launching the provision of Unit Trust information to the market as it is the base for making investment decisions.

The unit trust survey and the publication contributes to the growth of unit trust investments through enhancing investor education and transparency.

The publication should help restore confidence in the investments industry and contribute to the national economic agenda through mobilising household savings and channelling it to the productive sector as sought-after capital.

In his speech at the launch, Secz CEO Tafadzwa Chinamo said: “Unit trust prices on their own are informative to those who are knowledgeable, but when combined with a write up, their publication has the potential to be a key education tool for ordinary investors.”

The GroWealth Initiative resonates with the goals of the Secz, to not only regulate but promote the development of the sector and facilitate the attainment of their commercial goals while protecting investors.

This article was written as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe’s Investor Education Campaign in partnership with the Investor Protection Fund (IPF). For more information contact: seczim@seczim.co.zw

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