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An Introduction to Bitcoin.

Now a days there is a huge interest of people in crypto world. They hear the terms like bitcoins, blockchain, bitcoin trading and many others. These terms make them curious and they want to know what these are?

Naturally these terms have skeptic responses because of the lack of the awareness among the people. But behind this rejection lies a whole new framework that has made our lives feasible. It has recreated our financial system.

Bitcoin started in 2009 with the experiments. Earlier it was considered as fraud or Ponzi schemes by the people. This was because according to people, cryptocurrencies were associated with the money laundering.

Bitcoin is a digital asset that can be transacted, invested, traded and used to pay bills online. Within years bitcoin developed progress and reached a good position. People often referred skeptic responses because they failed to give proper explanations for it. With time bitcoin progressed and started benefiting people in a positive way.

Living in a digital era we would always prefer something that can be just a click away. This is what bitcoin is! Bitcoin has connected people through the financial system it has introduced. The young generation especially speaks of bitcoins for being so lucid to use.

How does Bitcoin work?

The bitcoin works on a decentralized distributed ledger called the blockchain. Bitcoins are the units of currency that run on the bitcoin network. However, there are other currencies like altcoins, ether etc but bitcoin is the most famous one. Bitcoins cannot be manipulated by any authority because it has its own rules. You can buy, sell, trade and transact money through this network.

The Benefits of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin trading:

Over the years, bitcoin has made awareness worldwide and many people have tapped into it. Millions of people have saved their money in the form of cryptocurrency. Many countries have dived into it. It has become the largest market and has protected the currency’s devaluation as well.


The most common need of bitcoin came to perform cross border transactions. It has become very feasible with bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies have become middle parties. No matter wherever you are you can pay the bills or do any kind of financial transaction through your mobile. You don’t need the bank formalities anymore. All you can get just a click away.

Money Exchange:

People can easily exchange money for bitcoin and that bitcoin then reaches the desired destination. For instance, if you want to exchange and send money to someone in America. Then you would buy bitcoins in your own currency and then these bitcoins will get exchanged into dollars to the required recipient. Wow! How easy it has become! No need of those formalities that took months to exchange money. Those traditional methods are not a compulsion anymore.

No higher authority:

The best part is that bitcoin is a decentralised asset that means no government can rule it. Your privacy is kept and no intermediary is there. You are your own boss having a full control on your wealth. Wherever you send and whatever you gain through bitcoin, it has nothing to do with higher authorities.

Improved platforms:

Bitcoin world has evolved into many platforms and trading bots. It has made lives much easier by helping people earn profits. HassOnline, 3Commas, Shrimpy, Bitcoin Loophole have made their mark in the crypto world. These trading bots are automated and can work even the users aren’t available.

They help you with the strategies by informing you all the price fluctuations in bitcoin world daily. Inconstancy is a major part of bitcoin world but good techniques can never fail you. Many people have become millionaires overnight with investing just a few bucks.

In the undeveloped countries where economic problems have hit people due to corruptions, bitcoin is an escape from such circumstances. Bitcoin is providing services to people who easily can access the smartphone. They don’t need to go for lengthy bank processes.

The near future awaits bitcoin because they are predicted to strike the coming year. What are your plans for next year? You should make bitcoin your New Year resolution and go for the opportunities it provides!

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