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Current Economic Recession: Impact on Market Supplies and Demand

Businesses have been struggling worse than ever and the pandemic had a rippling effect on the global economy. Whether there were big guns or small businesses, all are going through tough times to generate profits for themselves, and even preventing losses has been an immense task. Due to this business lockdown situation and travel bans millions of people are laid off from their jobs posing a serious existential threat to economies around the world.

Businesses do all kinds of forecasting to try to maintain that equilibrium between supplies and demand. If anything goes out of order, it has a direct impact on the economy of a region. If the affected industry exists on a large scale, the compound effect is seen in the global economy.

The prime example of this is the recent price trend of oil where it fell to negative due to such extraordinary reduction in demand. This is the rippling effect on supplies and commodity pricing when demand ceases. In recent months, the demand for all major products and services had to see a downfall, and factories weren’t even to operate even due to pandemic fears.

With both the demand and supply cycles disturbed, the economic recession has been experienced worldwide. The effects of this recession are termed greater than the one that occurred in 2009. Trade wars between the world powers are also making matters even worse and the recovery mode is being delayed.


Masses who were always made to believe that their jobs are here to stay forever or governments will always come to their rescue in case of an economic or public health disaster, they have found themselves fooled during all these times. It was just a matter of time where big guns started laying off people or made a reduction in the salaries to accommodate themselves only to the best of their powers.

This had a severe impact on the buying power of people and caused a change in lifestyle preferences too. They are now more rigorously thinking of working towards self-sustainability models and ensure they survive the next crisis without much financial disorder for themselves.

What Lies Ahead?

Well, with the ones who have always been the action takers, they are in a desperate mood to put themselves in the driving seat. With too much impact of political uncertainty and other factors on traditional ways of earning money, there is a dire need to adapt to new ways of thinking.

Firstly, we need to cancel the mindset of the luxury lifestyle until it becomes affordable. There has to be some portion of savings periodically that needs to come to your rescue during bad times. We need to stop falling into the trap of luxurious lifestyles as posed by some social media influencers. Each individual needs to rethink his budgeting and expenses to attain financial stability.

Secondly, we need to adapt to new technologies and innovative ways of doing trading and business. The virtual economy is now a force on its own and people are leveraged exponential growth opportunities with bitcoin up automating the trading activities. In this digital world, there are extraordinary innovative ways of making extra money while continuing with the day job, people need to look forward to this to address their budgeting issues.

Fortunately, business lockdowns are almost lifted with precautionary measures in place. The recovery mode has started a bit and it is never too late to take any action for your personal growth. Hopefully, it will just be a limited period of struggle before stuff gets back on track.

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